Lending Library

Below is a list of the publications currently in our library.  Any of the listed books may be borrowed by any of our members (or by an aspiring member), but delivery may only be done in person to someone attending one of our weekly meetings.

Note that under the “Type” column, the abbreviations are HC for Hardcover, SC for Softcover (Paperback), and P for Pamphlet.  Also, in most instances, the last column to the right will contain a link to the book’s Amazon page, signified by the letter “A”.

7 Events That Made AmericaAnd that Proved The Founders Were RightLarry Schweikart2010HCInA
A Bold Fresh Piece of HumanityBill O'Reilly2008HCInA
A Guide To Sound MoneyJudy Shelton2010HCInA
America For SaleFighting the New World OrderJerome Corsi2009SCInA
American SniperThe Autobiography of the Most Lethal U.S. SniperChris Kyle2012HCInA
Being George WashingtonThe Indispensable Man, as You've Never Seen HimGlenn Beck2011HCInA
Buying America BackA Real-Deal Blueprint for Restoring American ProsperityAlan Uke2012HCInA
First In FreedomTransforming Ideas Into Consequences for North CarolinaJohn Locke Foundation2012SCIn
IslamaphobiaThought Crime of the Totalitarian FutureDavid Horowitz2011SCIn
My Bondage and My Freedoma re-writing by Elizabeth AndersonFrederick Douglas1855PIn
Occupy Wall StreetThe Communist Movement RebornDavid Horowitz2012SCInA
One-Party ClassroomHow Radical Professors Indoctrinate StudentsDavid Horowitz2009PInA
Patriot's Handbook of American LibertyMatthew Staver2011HCInA
Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy WorldA Guide for Anyone With Something To SayMichael Hyatt2012PInA
Rational IndividualismA Moral Argument for Limited Government & CapitalismMichael A. Beitler2008HCInA
Tea Party PatriotsThe Second American RevolutionMeckler / Martin2012SCInA
The Art of Political War for Tea PartiesDavid Horowitz2010HCIn
The Great AwakeningReviving Faith & Politics In A Post-Religious Right AmericaJim Wallis2008PInA
The Patriots ToolboxEighty Principles for restoring our freedom and prosperityThe Heartland Institute2010HCInA
The Tea Party ManifestoA Vision for an American RebirthJoseph Farah2010SCInA
The Triumph of PoliticsWhy the Reagan Revolution FailedDavid A. Stockman1986HCInA
Uncle Sam's PlantationHow Big Gov't Enslaves America's Poor & What We Can Do About ItStar Parker2003SCInA