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This domain ( and the website built upon it is the exclusive property of Verne M. Thompson, the writer and Webmaster.  It is in no part owned or subsidized by the group known as the Crystal Coast Tea Party Patriots (CCTPP).  Although I am an active member of the Crystal Coast Tea Party Patriots, routinely attend their meetings, and frequently discuss politics and political issues with many of the other members, neither the CCTPP leadership or the members, singly or in the aggregate, dictate the content that may be seen on this site.  Moreover, the opinions that appear herein are mine, and mine alone.


You, the user, are viewing a page on the website of the Crystal Coast Tea Party Patriots (CCTPP).  Access to this website and it’s content is provided to the public free of charge.  It also provide external links to users as a convenience, but the appearance of external hyperlinks on the website does not constitute endorsement by the Domain Owner or the Webmaster of any linked websites or of the information, products, data collection and management practices, or services contained therein.  Neither the Domain Owner or the Webmaster exercise any control over the content that the user may encounter at these external locations, and no guarantees are made with respect to them.


This website does not permit user comments, so there is no personally identifiable information accessible to our readership other than the names of those who are authorized to initiate and/or edit posts and pages.  However, for what it is worth, the Webmaster has sworn a blood oath that he will jump from the highest geographical point on the Crystal Coast (44-feet, on Emerald Isle) before revealing a single morsel of personally identifiable information about a single one of the site’s readers.