Re-Elect Conservative NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Bob Edmunds


Re-elect Conservative Associate NC Supreme Court Justice Bob Edmunds.

Justice Edmunds is up for election to retain his seat on the NC Supreme Court. He is the only conservative justice running on June 7, 2016. The other three candidates are liberal Democrats that support Roy Cooper’s liberal agenda of gay marriage and pedophile access to ladies bathrooms and girls locker rooms and showers in high school. In fact, one of the candidates, Sabre Faires filed suit against the NC Retention Bill passed by the NC Legislature and signed into law by the Governor. This law would have had NC Supreme Court Justices retained by the voters based on their record instead of running for re-election. Faires won the case, then filed along with two other liberal Democrats to run against conservative Justice Bob Edmunds. Read more here ->…/state-po…/article61148607.html

Please help get out the vote to re-elect conservative Justice Bob Edmunds and maintain a conservative majority on the NC Supreme Court, and if at all possible volunteer to work the polls during Early Voting on on Election Day.

Early Voting is from May 26 to June 3, excluding May 30, 2016. Early voting is only available at the Board of Elections in Beaufort during this period. Please volunteer for any amount of time to support Justice Bob Edmunds.

On election day, June 7th, all Carteret County precincts will be open for voting. Volunteers at these precincts are also needed.

Note: If you voted in the May 2016 Primary and you thought you voted for the 3rd District Congressional candidates, you did not! None of those votes were compiled by the Board of Elections and you will need to vote again for 3rd District Congressional candidates either during early voting or on election day.