Forces within the Carteret County Republican Party are marshaling efforts to mislead voters on the records of two incumbent County Commissioners running for re-election in contested primary races. Those supporting these incumbents are worried that the conservative challengers will impair their influence in county politics if the challengers win the primary election. Much like the elite, establishment Republicans in Washington, DC, these local Republican officials are more interested in their power than in serving the people of Carteret County. These party officials may in fact be violating the Carteret County Republican Party’s Plan of Organization by taking sides in a primary election.

These same party officials are misrepresenting the record of these two incumbents by claiming that they have held the line on county taxes, when the truth is that if the votes of these two incumbents had carried the day (ie. passed the commissioner’s vote) their votes would have resulted in significant tax increases for county residents.

Further, the two incumbents have served on committees and panels that have failed to bring meaningful new businesses to Carteret County and failed to reach agreement on a health insurance agreement between Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Carteret Health Care. These two incumbents have failed the citizens of Carteret County.

If you want our County Commissioners to hold the line on spending, and bring new jobs into Carteret County, it is imperative that you get out to vote for two conservatives running for Districts 3 and 5; vote for Bob Cavanaugh and Eddie Bo Wheatly the conservative choice for Carteret County.