CROmnibus Cliffnotes

With the 1,800 pages of the combination Continuing Resolution and Omnibus budget bill now passed by both houses of Congress and on President Obama’s desk for signing, it’s time to see what’s in it.  Conservative columnist Betsy McCaughey does an excellent job of boiling it down, HERE.  A taste:

Cromnibus is a monster to read.  Almost no one did.  They had no time.  Speaker Boehner broke his promise to give members at least 72 hours notice before voting, instead of ramming it down their throats, as he criticized his predecessor Nancy Pelosi for doing.  Taxpayers lost out in the rush.  It’s likely that the $1.1 trillion spending level negotiated last week is costlier than what the more conservative Congress taking charge in January would have agreed to.

Read the whole thing.