Jay DeLancy thinks the Georgia Peach has an ACORN core.

Earlier today, Courtney Coren of NewsMax posted an article about voter fraud in Georgia, and the article featured comments by Jay DeLancy of North Carolina’s Voter Integrity Project.

The suspect is a Democratic organization called “The New Georgia Project”, which is trying to reach a self-imposed goal of registering at least 100,000 new voters before the registration deadline for the November election. ¬†According to DeLancy, a massive voter registration drive just before a major election was “standard ACORN protocol in the past”.

More from Jay DeLancy:

“Now ACORN, that criminal enterprise known as ACORN, no longer exists, but they just changed their name and moved on,” he explained. ¬†“We smell ACORN down there.”

“What’s going on is they are registering a lot of people that are turning out to be fraudulent, so the secretary of state in Georgia is investigating this, and of course the usual suspects are calling it voter suppression, racism,” he said.

“But the bottom line is that they’re finding a whole lot of fictitious registrations already here as they move toward a goal of 100,000 registered voters in the last month before the voter roll is locked down,” he added.

Also according to DeLancy, the New Georgia Project is run by Georgia’s House Minority Leader, Representative Stacey Abrams, who is “closely associated” with Georgia Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn.