Pat, Pat, Say It Ain’t So

As I remarked at our CCTPP meeting in Morehead City tonight, some members have heard me say lately that I think our Representative Pat McElraft has cast some votes that are not consistent with Tea Party principles, and at least two of them were cast in the last two weeks.  However, I have also said that I think we should remember that Representative McElraft owes some deference to Representative Thom Tillis (who is continuing in his final term as Speaker of the House), since Tillis appointed her as Chairman of the Appropriations Committee (budget committee) for the short session.  Stated plainly, if Tillis strongly supports a bill, then it would be prudent if Rep. McElraft would support it as well.

That said, House committee chairmen serve at the pleasure of the Speaker.  Since Tillis will not be Speaker in the next session of the General Assembly, there is a good chance that McElraft will be displaced by whomever the new Speaker favors.  Therefore, I think it is fair to ask now long Representative McElraft’s gratitude should persist, especially when it constrains her to vote against the interests of the people in Carteret and Craven counties who worked so hard for her re-election.

Obviously, I am giving Representative McElraft the benefit of the doubt in postulating a scenario in which she acts in accord with Tillis’ leanings rather than her own.  Frankly, I hope that to be the case.  If not, then we conservatives may have misjudged her ideological inclinations.