General Assembly to Vote on the RIGHT Common Core bill Tomorrow

UPDATE:  This afternoon, in response to the e-mail I sent to my NC Senator (Sanderson), I received the following additional information from one of his staffers:

The NC House used a committee substitute to gut the Senate bill and replace it’s text with language identical to the House version.  It (meaning the replacement language) must be concurred upon when it comes back before the Senate.  However, it most likely will not be concurred upon and will therefore go to a conference committee to “hash out” the legislation.  I hope that helps explain what we believe may happen.

Earlier this afternoon, the leadership of the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association, our brethren up in the New Bern area, sent out the news of EndCommonCore_Logoan important development in the General Assembly regarding Common Core.

From the message sent by Raynor James, part of the CCTA leadership:

Michael Speciale and Larry Pittman have been working hard all day to get HB 1061 (to get rid of Common Core) approved for resubmission to the Senate.  They were successful.  The Senate bill was much weaker, and it looked like that version was going to pass, but now SB 812 and HB 1061 are identical and take the form of the stronger House bill.

We need to support Michael’s (and CCTA’s Common Core Committee’s) hard work by trying to get members of the NC Senate to vote in favor of the bill.  Will you please call all the NC Senators you can?  Ask them to vote for the bill tomorrow (Friday, 6-20-14).  They need to feel a ground swell of support.

This one is touch and go.  We don’t want the bill to die.

And he is so right, we don’t.  The house version of the Common Core legislation is far superior to the Senate version, so please, do your part.  Click HERE to look up the contact information for all the NC Senators in our area, then reach out to them.  As Hillary would say, we must do this for the itty bitty chur’en.