Allegations that Bob Bergdahl has stalked two Idaho sisters

The online edition of the British newspaper Daily Mail is reporting, HERE, that about three years ago Bob Bergdahl, the father of the recently released Bowe Bergdahl, seems to have become infatuated with one or both of the two Hillman twin sisters who lived near him in the area around Hailey, Idaho.  An excerpt from the article, with my editing for punctuation and brevity, is below.  It refers to the police report that resulted from the account of the two sisters:

Bergdahl, who then worked as a UPS delivery man ‘was always near or on’ the sisters’ property despite never having any packages to pick up or deliver, according to the report.  Allie contacted police in early October and officers promised to step up patrols in her area.  But soon after speaking to the police Allie related that a note written on UPS-headed note paper appeared on her front door which read, ‘I am sorry for whatever I did.’  The pretty blond threw the note away and told police she found it ‘creepy’.

Just a week after leaving the note, Bergdahl drove his UPS truck to the sisters’ home, waited until Allie’s boyfriend left, then confronted the bewildered brunette and accused her of cheating on him, Allie reveals.  ‘Allie had opened the door when Robert knocked and he said (while laughing), “What, are you two-timing me b*tch?” the Hailey Police Department report said.  ‘Allie slammed the door shut as Robert grabbed the door handle.  ‘Allie said Robert just stood there as she yelled, “Bye, bye” and left Robert’s view.’

She was shocked as ‘she and Robert have never “really talked” or been in any kind of friendly or dating relationship,’ the report states.

The article also states that the elder Bergdahl was an Olympic aspirant whose athletic hopes were dashed when President Jimmy Carter cancelled U.S. participation in the 1980 Moscow games because of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.