Benghazi: If this gun ain’t smokin’, it’s definitely getting hot.

In response to Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests from Judicial Watch, the Obama administration has, after nineteen months of hedging Hillary_2and stone-walling, released some new e-mails that shed light on how the White House went about damage control in the period between the attacks in Libya and the appearance of Susan Rice on the Sunday talk shows.  At the moment, I think the most informative of the several articles written today about the e-mails is one posted yesterday afternoon by John Hindraker on the PowerLine blog, HERE.  The article is informative, even containing screenshots of the incriminating messages.

UPDATE:  Sharyl Attkinson has a post up, HERE, that contains more information, including this bit:

Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) told me today that the government apparently tried to keep the Rhodes email out of Congress and the public’s hands by classifying it after-the-fact.

“They retroactively changed the classification,” Chaffetz says.  “That was an unclassified document and they changed it to classified.” 

Ah, yes, the cover-up.