What Sasha Obama Does Not Have In Common

Rebecca Steinitz has a doctoral degree in English, and she knows about primary education.  She is a literacy consultant in the Massachusetts EndCommonCore_Logoschool system, and she happens to have a daughter who is the same age as Sasha, President Obama’s daughter.  In that connection, she recently put up a “Open Letter To President Obama” piece on the Huffington Post about her frustrations with Common Core, and with the fact that the Obama children are insulated from it.  Here are her opening words to the President:

We have something very important in common: daughters in the seventh grade.  Since your family walked onto the national stage in 2007, I’ve had a feeling that our younger daughters have a lot in common too.  Like my daughter Eva, Sasha appears to be a funny, smart, loving girl, who has no problem speaking her mind, showing her feelings, or tormenting her older sister.  There is, however, one important difference between them: Sasha attends private school, while Eva goes to public school … 

An interesting perspective on Common Core from an education professional, worth reading in total, HERE.