UNC Chancellor Carol Folt — The Dartmouth Connection

I have written several posts (HERE, HERE, and HERE) calling attention to the corrupt practices within the UNC system as regards the educational sham of college athletes, and particularly on the revelations by Mary Willingham, the academic advisor to the UNC Athletic Program.  Now, the scandal has drawn the attention of PowerLine co-blogger Paul Mirengoff, a Dartmouth College alumni, because of the fact that Willingham’s chief antagonist in all this is Carol Folt, the current UNC-CH Chancellor and former Provost at Dartmouth.  Mirengoff points to a telling quote from a UNC history professor that seems to summarize the situation nicely:

The aggressiveness and the tenor of the attacks on Willingham. . .betray an anxiety -– a kind of panic — that goes far beyond a disagreement over [literacy] numbers [for UNC athletes].  The all-out assault reflects a fundamentally cynical strategy to discredit and defame someone who has embarrassing facts to reveal.

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