More Volunteers Needed for the Carteret County VIP Effort

As some readers know, after the appearance at a recent CCTPP meeting by Jan Delancy, Director of the North Carolina Voter Integrity Project, I volunteered to head up an effort to do a preliminary analysis aimed at determining whether there was a significant voter fraud problem in Carteret County.  The first, automated, cut of the analysis is now done, and I need more volunteers to help apply human intelligence in order to complete the next step.

If you or anyone you know is interested in volunteering, send an e-mail to me at with the following information (“Me” is Verne Thompson, CCTPP Webmaster):

1]  Do you have a computer (desktop or laptop) that you can use for this effort?

2]  What is the computer’s Operating System (Windows-XP, Windows Vista, Windows-7, Windows-8)?  This is sometimes abbreviated to the term “OS Name”.

3]  Do you have an installed copy of Microsoft Excel?

4]  How much memory (RAM, or Random Access Memory) does your computer have?  This is also known by the term “Total Physical Memory”.

If you need help in answering questions #2 and #4, here is a convenient way to do so if you already have Microsoft Excel installed:

Begin by bringing up your Excel application.  Next, in the menu bar, click on “Help”.  Move down the selections shown in the drop-down box and click on “About Microsoft Office Excel”.  A dialogue box entitled “About Microsoft Excel” will come on-screen.  Then, in the lower right of the dialogue box, click the “System Info …” button, after which another dialogue box will appear, with “System Summary” as the default selection.

Within the “System Summary” panel, the information I will need is on your “OS Name” and “Total Physical Memory” lines.