When In San Francisco, Wear Your Pistol To Bed

That wacky 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has again come up with a doozy of a ruling, this time on a Second Amendment case arising out of a San Francisco ordinance that requires gun owners to keep all their firearms either disabled (via use of a trigger lock) or locked in a gun safe EXCEPT WHEN BEING CARRIED ON THEIR PERSON.  The ordinance applies to all residents, even those without children or those living alone.

A key excerpt from the Court’s ruling:

Thus, even when a handgun is secured, it may be readily accessed in case of an emergency.  Further, section 4512 [of the San Francisco ordinance] leaves open alternative channels for self-defense in the home, because San Franciscans are not required to secure their handguns while carrying them on their person.  Provided San Franciscans comply with the storage requirements, they are free to use handguns to defend their home while carrying them on their person.

Yeah, right.  Pajamas with a holster pocket, coming to San Francisco area Wal-Marts soon.  Check out Eugene Volokh’s analysis of the silliness at the Volokh Conspiracy, HERE.