Don’t Want No Cheese, Lord, Just Lemme Outah Da Trap

One weekend when I was a teenaged college student, I brought home from NCSU (the best college I ever flunked out of) a friend who was a Math major.  My father was still raising a few hogs then, and my friend and I were out in the yard, leaning up against the hog pen, when he idly wondered, “Why do you build the pens in a rectangle?  You know, you could enclose more area with less lumber if you built them round.”  The question took me aback somewhat, and I did not have a good answer, so I paused to give it some thought.  While I was mulling it over my Dad walked up, so I relayed my friend’s question to him.  Dad looked at us both as if we were imbeciles, then stated what he plainly thought was an obvious truth: “Without a corner, there would be no place to hem up a hog if you needed to catch one”.

President Obama clearly wants to “hem up” everyone who might have an ObamacarePost_HeaderImagealternative to becoming enrolled in ObamaCare.  Ed Haislmaier is a senior research fellow in the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Health Policy Studies, and late last week he posted an article at the online National Review about the latest “executive order” that is intended to tighten the ObamaCare noose.  It focuses on “indemnity insurance”, and the full article is HERE.