Immigrants March for North Carolina Drivers Licenses

Most of us remember how it was in a typical North Carolina DMV office Illegal_Immigrants_2before the state stopped issuing Drivers Licenses to illegal immigrants.  I do, rather clearly.  I was living in Wake County near a DMV office at the time, and the line was out the door with lots of people who looked decidedly Hispanic.  After the law was changed, the hordes evaporated almost overnight.

Now the illegals are becoming bolder.  The text below is presented in its entirety from a Saturday article (with the same title) on

Immigrant families and their supporters marched through downtown Raleigh Saturday in hopes of being able to drive in North Carolina.

About 100 people who support driver’s licenses for immigrants living illegally in North Carolina marched down Fayetteville Street to the Governor’s Mansion.

“I’m afraid that I could get stopped and not really know what’s going to happen next.  I may be sent back to where I came from, Mexico, or go to jail and pay a heavy fine,” said Rafael Mendiola, who attended Saturday’s protest.

A recently released study by the state Department of Public Safety concluded that giving driving permits to immigrants in the state illegally should lead to safer driving, although there’s no established statistical basis to verify that conclusion.

The study also listed the downsides to issuing the licenses, including more resources needed for the Division of Motor Vehicles and the influx of applicants, many of whom may not pass the exam.

An “influx of applicants”?  Ya think?