Drudge Says: Small Business Owners Already Having To Pay ObamaCare Individual Mandate Tax If They Opt Out

There is a big kerfuffle going on now in the liberal media, as left-wing ObamacarePost_HeaderImagemedia pundits try to minimize the downside to the reporting by Matt Drudge (of the Drudge Report) that he has already had to pay the first installment of his three quarterly ObamaCare tax payments.  Although the penalty for not complying with the Individual Mandate takes effect beginning January 1st of next year for other individuals, Mr. Drudge maintains that it took place on January 1st of this year for those individuals who are self-employed.  Mr. Drudge has never revealed his staffing numbers, but from this it appears that they may be in excess of fifty.

Brietbart reporter Matthew Boyle explains in more detail, HERE.



Jeffrey Young of the Huffington Post got this from a Jackson-Hewitt Senior Vice-President:

“That’s perplexing,” said Brian Haile, the senior vice president for health-care policy at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, a tax-preparation company.  The IRS has no mechanism in place yet to even accept individual mandate penalties and hasn’t even published the tables taxpayers will use to work out how much they owe.  Plus, any money sent in can’t be earmarked especially for that, he explained.  The IRS didn’t respond to a request for additional information about collecting mandate penalties.  Drudge didn’t respond to an email asking him to elaborate on his tweet.

“For whatever reason, Matt Drudge has decided to give the government an interest-free loan,” Haile said.

I wonder what the Vegas line is for this match-up?  Anyhoo, more to come, probably, so don’t touch that dial!