McCrory Backpedaling on the Abolition of Teacher Tenure?

Yesterday afternoon, in an article apparently drawn from a WUNC Public Radio piece, the online WRAL posted an article, HERE, quoting the Governor as saying that “his staff will consider making changes to a new law that offers raises to top teachers who give up tenure rights.”  Wait, what?  Has some of the Obama magic rubbed off on our Governor, so that he now can also change the law at will?  Or does he just mean that his staff will recommend revisions to the next session of the General Assembly?

The latter, apparently, as the article goes on to say this:

McCrory says his staff will review the impact of the law between now and the short session in May.

“I share some of the concerns expressed based on the implementation of the rule.  The intent of the rule is very good — the implementation process needs to be more clarified,” he said.

Well, okay then.  Although it seems a bit early to be declaring the law to be in need of revision when it is yet to be implemented.