Newport Finalizes Their Tall Structures Ordinance

Earlier this week, on Monday night, the Newport Town Council considered MillPondPost_Logonew recommendations for strengthening the town’s Tall Structures Ordinance (TSO).  The following are the highlights of the modifications that the council members then voted to adopt:

Requiring that the developers of renewable energy facilities apply for a special-use permit from the town before beginning construction of a wind turbine farm or other facility.

Reducing the allowable noise level from 45 down to 35 decibels.

Reducing the maximum allowable height to the uppermost end of a blade tip down to 275 feet from 550 feet.

Doubling the setback from neighboring property lines to 5000 feet from 2500 feet, and establishing a 1000 foot setback from property lines adjacent to the Croatan National Forest.

Requiring a $500K surety bond per wind turbine to ensure that turbines are demolished and removed after they are no longer operable or operating.

Requiring a $50K escrow deposit to help offset the cost to the town of consulting fees or other expenses associated with the process of reviewing and issuing a permit.

Requiring a Property Value Guarantee.

Kudos to the Newport Town Council, and to all who worked to see this process through.