Obama’s Hammer — The Internal Revenue Service

The primary goal for the GOP in 2014 is to achieve electoral control of Obama_Hammerboth houses of the United States Congress.  The primary goal of the Obama administration is to thwart that ambition, because they know that Republican control of the House and Senate would make President Obama the lamest of lame ducks.  Their tactics for the next nine months, therefore, will be to use the leverage of government toward their ends, and to raise continual political distractions in the hope of making right leaning voters and legislators lose their focus on ObamaCare, Benghazi, and the other issues that have the potential to move the electorate.

One of the ways in which the Obama administration is using the leverage of government is to loose the jackals at the IRS onto conservative political advocacy groups, in particular those organized as non-profits under IRS code Section 501(c)(4).  One of the more diligent watchdogs working to keep the conservative public informed about this danger is Cleta Mitchell, a partner in the Washington, DC law firm of Foley & Lardner.  Ms. Mitchell has represented Tea Party groups in a number of legal confrontations with the IRS in recent years, and she has fully explained the threat in a video.  The deadline for public comment to the IRS is February 27th, so please click the link below to view the video in order to fully appreciate the threat that this proposal poses to our liberty, then use the boilerplate text to copy and paste an e-mail to the IRS expressing your opposition.  Access the page by clicking HERE, or by navigating via the menu bar [ Issues & Education / IRS 501(c)(4) Rules ], above.  Please, do this soon.