Strassel at WSJ’s Potomac Watch on Kay Hagan

From the Wall Street Journal piece by Kimberley Strassel, HERE, on our own Senator Kay:

The scientific formula goes like this: Another day + Another ObamaCare disaster = A New Kay Hagan.

Back in 2008, North Carolinians were introduced to Bipartisan Kay, a hope-and-change candidate who argued that Senator Elizabeth Dole was a lackey for a partisan George W. Bush.  “It is time for someone to reach across party lines,” explained Bipartisan Kay.  “Voting 92% of time with the president . . . doesn’t work here in North Carolina.”  She won.

By early 2009, ObamaCare already was working its weird science, producing within a few months the All-In-For-Obama Kay.  The freshman senator embraced the president’s partisan bill, provided a crucial Senate vote, promised two dozen times that those who liked their plan could keep it, and explained that the law would create jobs.  All-In Kay lasted quite a while.  As recently as August she was insisting that there were “a lot of positives” in the Affordable Care Act, and that she’d “be honored” to have President Obama campaign for her re-election in 2014.

Then came the great ObamaCare meltdown of October.  Overnight, the North Carolina senator’s office became home to Frustrated (And Not My Fault) Kay.

All in all, a delightful piece, worth reading.