Senator Kay Hagan Beats A Well-Worn Drum

Andrew Stiles has a new piece up at the online National Review, HERE, about Senator Kay Hagan’s efforts to stir up her base before the fall elections in order to add even more shillings to her $6.25-million campaign war chest.  An excerpt:

The Democratic senator from North Carolina doesn’t yet know who her Republican opponent will be this year, but in the meantime she seems to be running almost exclusively against Charles and David Koch, the libertarian billionaires whose well-oiled political machine inspires frantic fundraising appeals in the New York Times editorial pages.

“Kochs don’t like me,” Hagan wrote in a January 29 campaign e-mail.  “You won’t believe what the Koch brothers are doing now,” a message from last week reads.  “Spoiler Alert: The Kochs did it,” she explained on December 19.  “The Koch brothers are desperate.”  They won’t stop waging their “Koch attacks.”  Hagan’s campaign sends out a couple of these per week.