Taking Up The POTUS Challenge — The 2017 Project

In a further reponse to President Obama’s SOTU challenge to Republicans to offer up a viable alternative, and coming only two weeks after the introduction of the Burr / Coburn / Hatch ObamaCare Replacement Plan, Bill Kristol and Jeff Anderson have posted in the Weekly Standard on another ObamaCare replacement plan, this one from The 2017 Project, a think tank headed by Anderson.

From the Introduction:

Before Obamacare, Americans had three core concerns with our health-care system, and a victorious alternative needs to offer compelling solutions to all three:  the large number of people without insurance; the no-man’s-land plight of those who are uninsured and have expensive pre-existing conditions; and the high cost of care.  To a large extent, the solution to all three problems involves fixing what the federal government had already broken even before liberal politicians defied public opinion and rammed Obamacare into law, making things far worse.

The two-page Executive Summary for the new plan is HERE, and the text of the full plan is HERE, both in PDF form.