Sooo, It’s All In The Way You Look At It?

The Obama administration has come into a lot of well-deserved derision for trying to spin the recent CBO report that postulates the effect of ObamaCare on the labor force over the next decade.  I actually feel a little sorry for the desperation exhibited by some of them, ‘though.

Take Representative Gwen Moore (D-WI) for example, who said in an interview with MSNBC, “You could say people don’t want a promotion, because if they make more money they’ll have to pay more taxes.”

Which reminded me of a rural farm neighbor of ours who, upon hearing my father declare that he had to leave because dusk was approaching and his hogs needed to be fed, said “I sure am glad I don’t have any hogs to feed.”

Or the Castro government’s assertion on the State-owned Cuban television in 1969 that the nation’s meat ration had been cut because Cuban nutrition scientists had discovered that eating meat caused cancer.

Just when you think that the absurdity had topped Mount Everest, you can count on the Obama administration to reach a new high.