Public School Controversies in Carteret County: First, Teacher Tenure

In case you missed it, the Carteret News-Times is reporting this week on two hot-button education issues.  The first involves changes in North Carolina law related to tenure for teachers in the state system.  From the full article, HERE, this excerpt:

County school officials and teachers are struggling with a new state law that offers a payment if teachers give up their tenure status.

The law requires school systems to offer 25 percent of teachers four-year employment contracts and pay raises in exchange for the teachers giving up their tenure.

It’s part of a new law designed to phase out teacher tenure by 2018. The N.C. Association of Educators, the state’s teacher lobbying group, filed a complaint against the state Dec. 17, claiming the law violates the federal and state constitutions by eliminating basic due process rights of teachers.

School board members across the state are expressing outrage about the new law, including Carteret County Board of Education Chairman Al Hill.