“Moral Monday” Protesters Walk

This just in:

One day after a Wake County district court judge acquitted five of the 57 demonstrators arrested during a May 20 protest at the N.C. Legislative Building, prosecutors announced that all cases pending from that Monday event would be dismissed.  The assistant district attorneys who tried the cases Tuesday announced the dismissals on Wednesday.

Prosecutors have been increasingly stymied in their efforts to win convictions because the crowds demonstrating against the Republican agenda during the spring and summer grew larger and larger, making it difficult to build narrow cases against individuals on trial.

During court hearings this week, Jeff Weaver, the chief of the General Assembly police force, could recall generalizations about the crowd gathered in the N.C. Legislative Building rotunda on May 20 but had difficulty remembering specific actions of the individuals arrested.  Police video from that night failed to capture the necessary details, and prosecutors had no other courtroom exhibits to jog the chief’s memory during the trials.

But the cops will do a better job next year, right?  The full article, from the News & Observer, is HERE.