Give Up The Cows, Buster, Or We Drone You

Property owners whose neighbors do not adequately maintain their CopsAbusePowerfences often find themselves in possession of unwanted livestock.  That might have been what happened when North Dakota cattle rancher Rodney Brossart found six cows that had wandered onto his property.  Then, perhaps in an effort to teach the neighbor a lesson, he refused to return them, triggering a very unfortunate chain of events.

The neighbor called the cops, the cops called SWAT, the SWAT called in a Predator drone from Homeland Security, and Brossart was captured and jailed, along with his three sons.

The full story, notable because it reports on the very first instance of federally-owned drones being used in domestic law enforcement against a United States citizen, is HERE.  [ US News & World Report, via Drudge ]