Special Commissioners Meeting to Hear Public Comments

MillPondPost_LogoFor any who may not have been keeping up with the chain of events relating to Torch Energy’s proposed Mill Pond wind turbine farm, next on the agenda is a special meeting of the Carteret County Commissioners.  The meeting is set for 6pm on Thursday, January 2nd for the purpose of hearing public comments and otherwise considering the adoption of a 60-day moratorium on County permit issuances for such projects, pending additional review by the Commissioners.  Due to the anticipated turnout, this meeting will be held in the Crystal Coast Civic Center in Morehead City.

A local citizen leading the opposition to the project, John Droz, will speak in favor of the moratorium.  Droz and I urge all concerned citizens and residents to attend the meeting also, and to speak in support of the moratorium.   The time allotted to each person wishing to speak is three minutes, and the process is simple and straightforward:

Write down your intended remarks.  They should begin with your name and approximately where in the County you live.  Beyond that, make them as elaborate as you wish, but be sure to include

  • your support of the 60-day moratorium and;
  • the Bullet Points, in whole or in part (see the link below).  

Arrive early enough to get your name entered on the list of those wishing to speak.

When your name is called, go to the podium and read your remarks.

If you cannot attend the meeting in person, the commissioners will be made aware of your input if you e-mail the text of your remarks to the Commissioners Board Clerk, Jeanette Deese <jeanetted@carteretcountygov.org>.

Some additional resources that you may find useful:

The CITIZEN’S CASE, the text of remarks made by John Droz before the NC Military Affairs Commission on December 19th.
The BULLET POINTS, compiled by John Droz.
The full fifteen-page HANDOUT, which lays out in some detail the problems with the Mill Pond project.
The website for AWED, the Alliance for Wise Energy Decisions.

Let’s try for a big turn-out on Thursday night.  We need to impress the Commissioners with the depth of our feeling about the crafting of the County’s Tall Structures Ordinance, and about this proposed wind turbine farm.