Climate Change Liars

Bill McKibben is one of the more extreme AGW alarmists (pardon me, “Climate Change” visionaries), surpassing even the infamous Michael Mann.  Among his many preoccupations is arctic ice melts, and he has flown in the face of reality more than once this past summer with his adamant insistence that the arctic cap is disappearing at an a catastrophic rate.  In a Rolling Stone article dated December 17th, he does it again:

“Under Obama we’ve had the warmest year in American history – 2012 – featuring a summer so hot that corn couldn’t grow across much of the richest farmland on the planet.  We’ve seen the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded north of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, and the largest wind field ever measured, both from Hurricane Sandy.  We’ve watched the Arctic melt, losing three quarters of its summer sea ice. “

On November 8th, by the way, the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service revised their prediction of the 2013 corn crop upwards to a record 14-billion bushels, despite the fact that total planted acreage was down 2% from 2012.

In the article, McKibben disparages the Obama administration for not being more activist in the AGW cause, and the article, HERE, actually is interesting reading.  The main reason I point out this guy’s lunacy, however, is to give me another excuse to post this graphic: