Thom Tillis Speaks In Favor Of NC Immigration Reform

When the NC General Assembly meets in short session, as they will next spring, it is mostly about “housekeeping” matters and rarely takes up any legislation that is controversial and may therefore prove to be time consuming.  However, when NC House Speaker Thom Tillis appeared before the annual meeting of the NC Farm Bureau earlier this week, he told them that the session should focus on, among other things, immigration reform.  According to the report by the N&O:

Tillis invited Farm Bureau members to “give us some ideas of more things we need to do around immigration policy and help me communicate across this state why effective immigration policy is so critical and so important to this industry.”

He added, according to Democrats who tracked his remarks: “You all know what we need to do. … You go out there and talk about it. Start talking about smart immigration reform. You’re going to help us get out there and actually get it done.”

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