Environmentalism, North Korea Style

from StrategyPage, a partial explanation of why North Korea’s pollution problem is so out of control:

… When you burn wood or coal in a low oxygen environment you produce carbon monoxide and hydrogen gas that can be sent directly to a diesel or gasoline engine and produce enough horsepower to move a truck, boat, or any other engine.  This is not as efficient as diesel or gasoline/petrol type fuel.  A liter (quart) of gasoline produces as much engine energy as 2.75 kg (six pounds) of wood.  That means you need three times as much fuel (by weight) when using wood and coal.  The process (which usually takes place in a container the size of a 55 gallon barrel) produces a lot of air pollution and requires more regular attention than a diesel or gasoline engine.  But it works, and during World War II, when many nations were cut off from regular supplies of petroleum based fuels, wood gas was the solution for running vehicle, boat, and factory engines.  Germany, for example, had over half a million vehicles running on wood gas by the end of World War II.

Full article is HERE.