Continued Interest In The Proposed Torch Energy "Mill Pond" Wind Turbine Farm

MillPondPost_LogoNo one has been more vigilant than John Droz about informing the Crystal Coast citizenry of the implications associated with the wind turbine farm being proposed for the area around Mill Pond, just north of Morehead City and just east of Newport.  This morning, before a small invitation-only crowd assembled in an Atlantic Beach hotel, John went once more into the breach, presenting a store of information to the attendees on wind energy in general and on the Mill Pond project in particular.  In attendance were some notable elected officials, including state representative Pat McElraft, Carteret commissioners Robin Comer, Jonathan Robinson, and Jimmy Farrington.  Commissioners Elaine Crittenton and Bill Smith had attended one of John’s previous presentations.

Representative McElraft confirmed that Torch Energy has yet to file an application for the project, but that we should persist in our efforts to strengthen the Carteret County and Newport ordinances governing the permitting for tall structures, as any provisions enacted after an application has been filed may not apply to the applicant.