Help Out In Opposing The Newport "Mill Pond"

John Droz notes that, if we are to adequately protect the interests of our coastal citizenry in the “Mill Pond” wind farm fight, we need to stay focused on that campaign until it is over.

After the meeting this past Tuesday at Fort Benjamin Park in Newport, many concerned and considerate people asked what they could do to help.  John’s answer is that we need to get better organized to prevail against our more-experienced, politically-connected, and well-financed opposition.

Toward that end, the help of several committed and capable volunteers is urgently needed.  If you think you can help, contact John by e-mail ( to let him know what relevant skills you have, and how much time per week you can dedicate to this cause.

He needs volunteers who have any of the following skills:

  1. are good organizers
  2. like to contact people by phone and/or email
  3. would like to be a formal interface with our representatives
  4. have good connections with various local organizations
  5. have an interest in health matters
  6. have an interest in the tourism business
  7. have an interest in environmental issues
  8. are retired military
  9. like to publicly speak
  10. have public relation skills
  11. have superior writing ability
  12. have a technical background and can help in that area
  13. enjoy doing research
  14. are good at investigative work
  15. like doing fund raising
  16. anything else you think would assist in this effort

If you can respond to this important need, be sure to include your phone number, and remember to tell John how many hours per week you can commit to help.