Newport Meeting On The "Mill Pond" Wind Farm (UPDATED) (UPDATE #2)

At the meeting held on Tuesday night (11/26/2013) in Newport to discuss the Mill Pond wind farm project, presenter John Droz spoke to a packed house at the large meeting room in the Fort Benjamin Park building.  The meeting was attended by about one hundred people, the vast majority of whom seemed to be very skeptical about the merits of the project as proposed by Torch Renewable Energy.  Droz did a thorough job, given his time limits, of highlighting the most important issues related to the proposal, particularly as they might relate to or inform any laws or regulations promulgated by Carteret County and the town of Newport.  For more information from Droz on this project, go here.

Although they were grossly outnumbered, opinion-wise, Penny Hooper and husband Mark were two brave soles who spoke in support of the Torch Energy project.  The Hoopers engaged the group as a couple who are concerned about our coastal environment, and who embrace the Climate Change (nee Anthropogenic Global Warming) dogma.  For more on the views and perspective of the Hoopers, Penny Hooper may be reached at

Several local dignitaries were also in attendance, including County Commissioners Bill Smith and Elaine Crittenton, State Senator Norman Sanderson, and Pine Knoll Shores mayor Ken Jones.  During the discussion period after the formal presentation, many citizens rose to either ask questions of John Droz or to convey their thoughts and opinions.  Among those joining in the discussion were Commissioner Crittenton and Senator Sanderson.

To view the presentation in its entirety, John Droz has made it available at THIS LINK.