Letter from Kay Hagan on UN Gun Treaty

Dear Friend,

Thank you for contacting me regarding Second Amendment rights. I greatly appreciate your thoughts on this important matter.

As you know, in 2006 the United Nations (UN) began discussions regarding an Arms Trade Treaty. While the United States originally opposed these discussions, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has more recently stated that the United States would support and participate in these talks. In October 2009, the UN adopted, by a vote of 153-1 with the United States in support, a resolution laying out a timetable for negotiations. However, even should a treaty be signed, it would require the approval of two-thirds of the Senate before it would be considered ratified and in effect.

I understand your concerns regarding the protection of Second Amendment rights and I oppose allowing international law to override our constitutional rights. Like you, I support the Second Amendment. My family, like the great state of North Carolina, has a long tradition of hunting and gun ownership, and I take great pride in that heritage. Already during my time in Congress, I have voted on various pieces of legislation that protect Second Amendment rights, including to correct the District of Columbia’s overly-strict firearm regulations in order to protect Second Amendment rights in our nation’s capital.

President Obama has not sent any treaty regarding gun control to the Senate; however, I can assure you I will take your opinions and comments into account as I consider this important issue.
Again, thank you for contacting my office. It is truly an honor to represent North Carolina in the United States Senate, and I hope you will not hesitate to contact me in the future should you have any further questions or concerns. If you would like to stay informed on my work in the Senate, you can sign up for my e-newsletter, follow me on Twitter at @SenatorHagan, or visit my Facebook page.


Kay R. Hagan