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Get the facts on Wind Energy and Renewable Energy. Here are some resource links to get the truth about wind and renewable energy via John Droz, jr.:


Some recent energy articles of interest —
One of my most important documents, What Not To Say, has been updated (especially the PS part): <<>>.
This is a VERY significant story that gives us hope that sensibility and science may yet prevail: <<>>.
One of the main strategies of non-science lobbyists is to justify their self-serving promotions (e.g. wind energy) as producing jobs. It should come as no surprise that “renewable” energy forces are proposing to congress to cut gas, oil and nuclear subsidies‚ but not any for renewables <<>>.
Here are three recent articles that put the job claims into a more accurate perspective:
2) “Feeding the Masses on Unicorn Ribs” is a wonderfully insightful story about green jobs, etc <<>>.
3) “The Dirty Secret Behind Clean Jobs” <<>>.
Beyond the site fight: can communities reclaim the right to say “no”? <<>>.
A fine anergy article by attorney Dave Schnare, directed to our presidential candidates: <<>>.
A new article about wind energy performance in Illinois (that applies almost everywhere) <<>>.
“Eco-Fads: Feel-Good Policies Replace Science” Although this is not about wind energy, the same situation exists there:
A Carnegie Mellon study on shale gas <<>>. On a related mater the US government revised their estimate of shale gas available, and now project it to be some 40 times higher than before <<>>.
GE’s laser advances in nuclear fuel is an informative article <<>>.
Some recent global warming articles of interest —
US presidential candidate expresses skepticism about global warming <<>>
A new (major) example of how politics adversely influences scientific research <<>>.
A CERN particle-physics study that may reveal that solar radiation is a major cause of global warming <<>>.
A fine article discussing the fallacies of the “97% consensus” about AGW <<>>.
An intriguing exchange about the health benefits of global warming mitigation <<>>.
A worthwhile film: The Great Global Warming Swindle <<>>.
Some other recent articles of general interest —
A superior , must read article, about our education system — which explains a lot about what is happening with wind energy and the like <<>>.
This is a remarkable piece. It is a story about unnecessary spending in the US armed services — written by a high ranking (now a General) career soldier, who I happen to know <<,15240,86755,00.html>>.
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