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Letter to the Editor by Portage County, OH TEA Party

Portage County TEA Party

4682 State Route 43 • Kent, Ohio • 44240 • 330-474-3878 • 330-673-4672 (Fax)


November 7, 2013


Ravenna Record Courier

126 North Chestnut Street

Ravenna, OH  44266


Dear Editor,


I would like to make your readers aware of a change in our national media narrative. The lies, and the liars, are now being exposed, and the public is learning that the TEA Party speaks the truth.


With this letter, I am submitting to this newspaper a letter from State Auditor Dave Yost to the Field School Board. It shows dozens of cases of accounting mistakes and policy violations. While they kept insisting for years that we must pass a new levy, our members asked Treasurer Vokac and the Board honest, pointed, financial questions. We were called liars and worse and our personal integrity was attacked – many times in letters to this newspaper. Now we know the truth, the TEA Party was right to question their financial projections, and Mr. Vokac and the Board members who hired him are gone.


Two years ago, as President of the the Ohio Liberty Coalition, I publicly told the IRS that we would not comply with their outrageous demands and their attempts to restrict our first amendment rights.  We were dismissed as conspiracy theorists. The media narrative was that the TEA Party was just a bunch of bigots, racists, homophobes, islamophobes, and Nazi’s, who could not be believed.  That was the lie that was intended to discredit their critics and hide the truth. But we did prove that the Obama administration, by its own admission, used the IRS and other government agencies for political targeting.  Our efforts helped disclose to Americans that their government was reading our emails, tracking our webpage visits, listening to our phone calls and sharing our private information with political groups. The TEA Party took incredible abuse for years, simply because we told the truth, that you did not want to hear. 


Finally, over the past six weeks, the President, Senator Reid, and Speaker Pelosi defined the media narrative that the “TEA Party Republicans” and the TEA Party were a bunch of “terrorists”, holding the government “hostage”, “holding a gun to the head of the President”, and we were “extortionist.” They said that we were crazy to shut the government down in an effort to stop Obamcare, when in truth the President and his staff had orchestrated the shutdown months ahead of time for purely political purposes. We were trying to stop this disaster. They repeated the President’s lies about Obamacare, that you could keep your doctor, and your plan, and that your costs would go down. We said that Obamacare would raise the cost and reduce the quality of healthcare, that it was not ready, that it should be defunded or at least delayed. Now we all know that Obamacare is a disaster, and all of our concerns are true.


It is clear that the media, and many of your readers, have been wrong about the TEA Party from the start. They demonize us because many do not want to face the truth about themselves or our nation.  The truth is that government is not the answer, it is the problem. The truth is that capitalism works and socialism doesn’t. The truth is that good paying jobs are what people want, not handouts. The truth is that individual freedom and liberty, and the opportunity to work hard and get ahead, is what made America great. America is finally beginning to see the Truth and it’s name is the TEA Party – join us.


Tom Zawistowski

Executive Director

Portage County TEA Party

Letter to the Editor – Sun Journal

Oct 21 at 11:38 AM

Today there was an article in the  Sun Journal by an individual who accuses all those who refuse to lockstep with the President and the Senate of the United States as traitors to their country.  This letter fundamentally displays why this country has reached an all time high of division and disagreement.  I don’t know where the individual attended school, but he was ill served as the letter showed a poor understanding of the English language, and a complete failure to grasp the fundamental ideas of the Constitution and the role of government.  He would, however,  have been a perfect citizen of Hitler’s Germany.

Unfortunately, the writer is not alone in his thinking.  Thanks to an education system which has ignored teaching our founding documents and history, we have a citizenry that is ill-equipped to make rational judgments.  A corrupt, biased media further aids the cause of the left by either under-reporting, selective reporting, or spinning the news to fit their agenda.  Add an apathetic public who prefers cake and circuses over engaging in the workings of government, and you have a recipe for complete disaster.  And that doesn’t even count those who depend on the government for the basic necessities of life.

I would remind the writer of the aforementioned letter, that the government was responsible for numerous ills of our Nation’s history, including but not limited to slavery, eugenics, interment of the Japanese, the Fugitive Slave Act, and Jim Crow laws.  It was the courage of individual citizens who forced government to change their policies, not the other way around.  So when he attacks those who disagree with the government,  he is putting Martin Luther King in that same esteemed company.

Because of my allegiance to the First Amendment, I may disagree with every word the writer espouses, but I will defend to the death his right to say it.  I doubt, however, that he would allow me the same freedom.

Nancy Murdoch

Havelock, NC

Letter to the Editor, Common Core


There are several Onslow County citizens that have been trying to stop the infliction of Common Core on the education system of this county.  We have tried to educate our fellow citizens in meetings and face to face discussions, as well as informing the County School Board about this “progressive” educational inhibitor. 


Recently I had the opportunity to talk before the school board about the increase in the school budget this would cause, but was only allowed 3 minutes.  I did not get to finish what needed to be said, so that information is what follows.




My thanks to the Onslow County School Board for this opportunity to speak.


What I have to talk about has to do with the budget for the Onslow County School system and the affect Common Core will have on it.  According to the state of North Carolina, the cost for the Common Core Standards is an increase of $389 per student.  I am not sure if that is correct. 


There are Professional Development courses that are required to train the teachers on the new Common Core academic standards and methods.  This Professional Teacher Development will cost $1,931 per teacher.  There are 1,565 teachers.  That is a cost of $3,022,015.  There are the 26 Instructional Coordinators that are in the system and they will need the training.  That cost is $50,206.  I don’t know if the teacher’s assistants or the Instructional Aids will need the training, but there are 527 of them.  That would be a cost of $1,017,637.  This runs to a total of $4,089,858.  This is with a student to teacher ratio of 15 to 1. 


The records show the current student testing cost is about $10 per student.  The student testing under Common Core will go to $28 or $29 per student.  That is an increase of $18 or $19 per test per student.  The test questions will be made public after the test so each year new questions and tests will need to be developed so the cost will just go up.  These tests are purchased from an outside source.  According to the county records there are 24,046 students. With the increase in student testing charges of $18 or $19 per student per test that means the increase in testing cost will be $456,874.


I could not find any information on the cost of new text books that would be needed, so I am going to project a cost of $30 per book and I think that will be low.  This would be approximately $750,000 or in other terms, three quarters of a million dollars.  


So far that comes to a total increase in spending of $5,296,732.  Some of this will be one-time expenditures, but much will be reoccurring cost that will do nothing but climb over the years until the county and state can no longer carry the load and we have to turn our entire educational system over to the Federal Government.


This increase in cost does not include the cost of upgrades and improvements to local infrastructure.  Common Core testing in North Carolina will have to be taken on computers.  The state and local education authorities will have to examine concerns about bandwidths and technology.  Are there enough computers? Are the schools wired for the extra power requirements?  If they are going to be hardwired, are the schools wired for this with Cat-6 wiring?  Or are all the computers going to be on Wi-Fi with a central server in each school or will each school need several servers?  How about the additional bandwidth needed to connect each school with the central offices of the school system?  How often will the school system need to upgrade the computers in the classrooms?  Who pays for that?  I am guessing that will be the local county taxpayer.


There are many more questions to be asked and each question shows an increase in the cost of this “social progressive” system. 


What I had not planned to bring up was the $75 million bond request they have upcoming this year nor the approximant $86 million that stills remains on the last bond they had.  I was also not going to bring up that in a conversation with an administrative staff member at one of the informational meetings they admitted that were going to request another bond in just 2 years.  With the proposed 2013 – 2014 budget having the education department taking up over 31% of the county funds, I have to ask: Just how much does the School Board want?  I have not had a raise in 4 years.  How am I supposed to pay these additional taxes?

Yes, I want the children to be well educated, but Common Core will not get that job done.  Looking at the overall school budget and financial requests the $5 million plus that Common Core will cost in its first year may seem a small thing, but we need to stop spending money in some places now.

Common Core is not only costly, as well as not needed, it is a bad thing for the students.




Thomas H. Austin

Citizen of Onslow County

Letter to the Editor – 2 Million Biker Rally

Newport, N.C.

Sept. 12, 2013


Washington, D.C., Sept. 11, 2013. What a day!

We met up with some riders from the Salisbury, N.C., area and a handful of others in Fredericksburg, Va., to head to Harley Davidson of Washington, D.C., in Fort Washington, Md.

Running on three hours sleep and anticipation. Arrived at the dealership at the scheduled 8 a.m. registration time. It was already hot. The sky was clear, just as it was on 9/11/2001. Anybody who wanted one was given a sticker with the name of a person who had perished on 9/11 to take with them on the ride. Stephen Huczko Jr. was ours.

Motorcycles of every description, size, make, color and custom combination. Men, women, children, black, white, young, old, tattoos, neon pink hair, clean cut guys, rough looking guys, demurely dressed women, some “trashy women.”

A sea of black leather vests. Patches depicting various political, social and religious opinions. A red bike with a charred NYFD captain’s helmet strapped on the back. (I admit I was misty eyed with that one).

Teal and black Harleys with matching sidecar ridden by two women. Lots of flags, American flags, POW flags, Don’t Tread on Me flags, PGR flags, Texas flags.

One guy from Australia, several Canadians. People from Texas, California, Arizona, Indiana (thanks to the Indiana rider who offered me a ride on his bike, which I had to decline), Georgia, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, New York.

I saw T-shirts, vests and patches from nearly every state, including Alaska. A young man handed out small American flags that he had personally driven to every crash site in one day.

Patriot Guard Riders, American Legion Riders, Hell’s Angels, Christian Motorcycle Association, The Brotherhood, Blue Knights, Purple Heart Riders, Rolling Thunder. These are just some of the groups and clubs represented.

A feeling of excitement, pride in America, people happy to be there, a totally positive feel to the day. Blue and white Washington, D. C., police helicopter overhead. A moment of silence at precisely the times of each attack. Heads bowed.

Then, promptly at 11 a.m., as planned, kick stands were up. No way to describe the sound and feel of, literally, acres of motorcycles. The bikes pulled out, staggered two abreast, non-stop, no breaks, for a solid 50 minutes (and that was just at this one staging location; there were more than one location).

Lots of D.C. cops at the site, all helpful and supportive. The street was lined with men, women and children, waving flags, cheering, waving the bikers on.

In D.C., people along the streets were waving, shouting their support, generally showing pride in America. The brainchild of one woman, and with only about three weeks of preparation time, this was an event of epic proportions. Planners intend to make this an annual event. God willing, I will be there next year. (Thanks to my grandson, David Allen Jones, for making this trip possible for me).

Most impressive: that people love, and believe in America so strongly, that they will, on very short notice, interrupt their lives and invest their time, money and energy to take a stand and make a statement. That, my friends, is what makes this the greatest nation on the planet, and no group of politicians can “fundamentally” change that. God bless America!


Letter to the Editor on Proposed Morehead City Tax Increase

Letter to the Editor by Eric Broyles

Morehead City Taxpayer Alert

I do not know how many of our Morehead City residents required EMS services after reading about Morehead City Manager’s proposed 14 percent increase in property taxes reported in the Times-News on May 31, 2013.  After the initial shock and awe wore off, I decided to investigate into the truth of the matter.  I immediately talked with two of our “fiscally conservative” City Council Members and they confirmed to me this was the case. Continue reading

Letter to the Editor – 2d Amendment



April 14th

Letter to the Editor

A rhetorical question..

After reading your editorial, ‘Are rights ever wrong?’ , I’ve reached the conclusion that there has been a shift in your position on 2nd Amendment rights.  So allow me to ask you a rhetorical question. Of all the people you know, are you really OK with the amount of liquor they purchase on a monthly basis?  You will note I did not say ‘consume’ but purchase for whatever reason.

It is a matter of record that there are far more deaths on our roads from alcohol related accidents in which many innocent children die. Why not pass a law that says that ALL vehicles on the road will be operated by a designated driver and there will be zero tolerance for any driver suspected of consuming even one drink before stepping behind the wheel.  The arresting authority will be mandated, by law,  to have blood drawn at the scene of any driver, of any vehicle, involved in an accident where injury has occurred.

Let’s apply this reasoning to our 2nd Amendment.  Suppose you suspect your neighbor of owning an illegal firearm as defined by our anti-firearm regime.  Why not encourage him/her to report this to the State Police for, say, a small reward of $500. Most of your readers don’t know that this law was recently signed into law in New York  State under the SAFE act.

The SAFE act,  Secure Ammunition & Firearms Enforcement act encourages state residents to report “illegal” gun owners in exchange for a $500 reward.  New Yorkers can call a “Gun Tip Line” if they believe someone they know has an illegal gun, according to  Hotline calls are answered by state police and tips are referred to local law enforcement.

Reminiscent of programs in Cuba or the former Soviet Union, the “reward for turning in your neighbor” program is another example of overreaching by an anti-freedom, power-hungry State administration.  It is outrageous, and it is un-American. These Gestapo like tactics were once employed in Germany during the thirties when true Germans were asked to report anyone harboring Jews or in the Soviet Union if your neighbor wasn’t on board with the Stalinist regime.

If there was ever a need for unrestricted ownership of firearms in our Country today it is apparent by the machinations of the Obama regime.  Some will argue that there is a vast difference between a drunk driver and private ownership of  a firearm and they are right.  In the case of a social drinker you take one person off the road. In the case of unrestricted gun control you enslave a Country.

Louis Call

New Bern, NC 28562

Letter to the Editor, The Newtown Bee

Elected Officials Are Fundamentally Dishonest

To the Editor:

This letter was forwarded to Barack Obama, John Boehner, Chris Murphy, Dick Blumenthal, Elizabeth Esty, and Harry Reid

I live in Sandy Hook, CT. My family and close friends weren’t harmed on December 14. That day impacted 26 families with an indescribable, staggering pain and anguish. For most of Sandy Hook, it merely affected us with an inescapable intensity of sadness and grief.

Gun control has long been a focus of many in this country. Though I’m not knowledgeable of all the nuances of the Second Amendment, based on the Founding Fathers’ circumstances, it had far more to do with enabling the citizenry to protect themselves against tyrannical government than against local psychopaths. It is about providing a balanced firepower so when King George’s successor came knocking on your door, you could fight back. Government today is no less inclined to abuse its authority than it was then. Based on the absurd and ongoing power grab that is present day Washington, it’s as threatening as ever.

That so many of you view the NRA with its resistance to further restrictions on firearms as intransigent lunatics has far more to do with how you conduct yourselves in office than it does with the NRA’s actions.

You in public office are fundamentally dishonest people. You lead lives of deception at every turn, structuring your lives as comfortably as you can while governing with an indifference and arrogance that is absolutely maddening. When the country is reeling from financial disaster, you waste a trillion dollars on a health care bill we can’t afford and you’ve never read. You claim it’s critical because health care costs are killing this country… no they’re not, you are! You are killing this country. You endorse the ongoing slaughter of millions of unborn children and whine when terrorists are water boarded. You can’t lecture us right in Newtown High School about not doing enough to keep our children safe, while simultaneously slaughtering the unborn. You fabricate the intense, media laden drama of the fiscal cliff and lack the courage to do anything about truly reforming the obscene gluttony of government. You know you’ll be out of office before the bill comes due… you don’t care and have no integrity nor honor.

You lie whenever and wherever you need to to move forth your agenda. Were you able, you would purge the US of guns… every last gun in the country, if you could. So please forgive Wayne LaPierre and those of us who don’t trust you as far as we can spit. You’re a dishonest lot, motivated by a distorted worldview. If mass murder prevention were truly your goal, you would welcome armed security wherever needed. It is outrageous that we protect our money with far more firepower than we protect our children.

I have never owned a gun, nor wanted to as intensely as right now. You’ll stop restricting guns when only you have them.

Brendan Duffy

4 Chestnut Knoll Drive, Sandy Hook January 8, 2013


The Newtown Bee

Letter to the Editor re. Second Amendment

We are all aware of  Barack Hussein Obama’s plans to ignore our 2nd Amendment rights and to ban certain guns in America .  In my opinion, this ban would be expanded over time, and if you own a gun, your rights would ultimately be threatened.  Opposition to a gun ban must begin with grassroots individuals and action at the local government level.  I plan to attend the February 18 meeting of our County Commissioners in the Commissioner’s Board Room, upstairs in the County Administration Building (the building where you pay your taxes).  Meeting starts at 6:00.  I plan to sign up immediately before the meeting to be included in the “Public Comment” portion of the meeting.  Rather than complain about gun bans on Facebook, or within our social groups, or murmur among ourselves, it would be good to make a strong showing at this meeting.  Feel free to call me personally if you have questions about this, or if you need further details (252-726-1318).  Hope to see you February 18.  Following is an e-mail I just sent to Sheriff Buck and each Commissioner.

Sheriff Buck, thanks for your continued hard work to ensure the safety and security of  Carteret County , its residents, business owners, tourists, and property.

Next, to those of you who are not new to the Board of Commissioners, thank you for your continued service to  Carteret   County ’s citizens.  And to the newly elected Commissioners, welcome, and may your term prove to be constructive for  Carteret   County , and a positive experience for you.  Thank you for your willingness to serve the citizens of this county.

I am writing to urge each of you to seriously consider taking strong action to nullify any gun ban that Barack Obama or his administration might implement and impose on US citizens.  There is no doubt that it is his intent to disarm us, whatever it takes.  County officials and Sheriffs across the country, and even right here in our own State (Beaufort County Commissioners being the first), are pro-actively taking such action.

Thank you in advance for your serious consideration of this request.

Jennifer Hudson

Letter to the Editor – TAKE BACK AMERICA on Nov 6th

ARE YOU TIRED OF:  lack of progress on job creation?  US Debt continuing to increase with more spending programs?  increased taxation for all Americans?  past and future bailouts?  non-functioning Green Energy stimulus programs?  lack of administration focus, direction, and leadership? replacing Capitalism with Socialism?

THEN DO THE FOLLOWING… On election day, November 6th, cast your vote for Mitt Romney for President and all conservatives, local, state, federal, including Judges.  We need to stop the irresponsible socialistic behavior of President Obama and the potential devastation that will occur if he is reelected.  This may be our last election to place America on the path to economic recovery.  We desire a better America for our children and grandchildren than the practices President Barack Obama’s administration has forced upon us the past four years.

THE TIME IS NOW…  You have the power to right the American ship and restore our Constitutional values by voting for Conservative candidates.  Do it with pride….  Do it with passion…  Do it for your love of the American way…  Do it for all future generations !

Respectfully submitted,

Richard Wilson
Whispering Pines, NC

Letter to the Editor – Proposed Insurance Rate Increase for 2012

Proposed Insurance Rate Increase for 2012

The entire basis for the proposed rate increase is based on flawed data and analysis. First, the increase cites the increased cost of replacing property due to the increased risk of wind and flood damage in coastal NC due to hurricanes. In fact, wind and flood damage in NC is not limited to hurricanes on the coast as history shows that wind damage from hurricanes often takes its toll well inland, west of I-95. In addition, wind and flood damage is not limited to hurricanes, but includes other wind event such as tornadoes that often occur west of I-95. Second, to claim that wind and flood on the coast puts insurance companies at higher risks is a fallacy since most insurance companies have abandoned homeowners to the “wind pool” and flood insurance is covered by federal flood insurance. The insurance companies are at no higher risk due to these events because they no longer insure homeowners against these risks. To use the unproved claim that the coast is at higher risk to wind and flood damage and therefore the claims against insurance companies is higher is an out right untruth since the insurance companies are not responsible for damages from these events.

More disturbing, however, is the timing of this proposed rate increase. During the election for a new Insurance Commissioner, this seems to be a win-win strategy for the current Insurance Commissioner. Mr. Wayne Goodwin has already touted his undocumented savings to homeowners in numerous television ads. Now he is afforded the opportunity by the insurance companies and the insurance Rate Board to deny all or part of the proposed ridiculous homeowner insurance rate (30% for coastal NC). Mr. Goodwin can deny all or part of the proposed increase, then release new political ads on how he again saved the homeowners of NC millions of dollars in premiums. While all along, you the homeowner will be paying more for insurance that not the insurance companies are liable for but that will be paid under the Federal Flood Insurance and “Wind-Pool” Insurance programs, and by all the taxpayers in NC and the USA. In the end, it is we the people who pay, while giving Mr. Wayne Goodwin another false issue on which to campaign.

Kenneth Lang

“What is the NCGOP Leadership Hiding?”

Letter to the Editor
“What is the NCGOP Leadership Hiding?”

In February 2012, I wrote a Letter to the Editor (LTE) of our local paper. It asked the question “What If” and followed with a number of questions about what appeared to be interference in local and district elections in North Carolina. It began with the question “What if two NC Senators and a NC Representative came to our County and picked the candidate to run for the Senate seat that represents you, the voters of Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico Counties?” Well, that did happen in NC Senate District 2 Primary race (and they lost). Similar stories are being circulated about other counties in eastern NC like in Pitt County, and more recently in NC House District 6. In fact, it has been claimed that at the recent NCGOP Convention in Greensboro, a delegate from Carteret County was passing out a flyer that asked questions similar to those in my February LTE. Questions like “Is the NCGOP intruding into local or state and national primaries,” and “Are they recruiting and supporting newly switched Democrats and opportunist RINOs to run against conservative incumbents and principled new candidates,” and “Are they running Decoy Candidates so as to manipulate elections and place their puppets?” The flyer also cited portions of the NCGOP Plan of Organization that prohibits such actions by Party officials. The flyer, and the lady distributing the flyer quickly attracted the attention of no less than four senior Party officials, , who confronted the lady distributing the flyer with fingers wagging, tongues lashing, and threats of suing for libel and slander flowing. But wait, there’s more!

Letter to the Editor – Will they be “Honor Bound and Fearless?"



The current Republican Primary Election in particular, a local race for NC Senate Dist 2, has the public and many voters confused with blatant twisted distortion of facts, innuendo and outright lies that are being spun to a mostly uninformed electorate. This confusion is as bad as I have ever seen in my participation in Republican Politics beginning about 1950, as a high school kid. I grew up in a household in which the Honor Code of the U.S. Military Academies was instilled in me and later had the honor of becoming and serving as an Army Officer via Army OCS where it was also expected of me. To “Lie, Cheat /  Steal or to Allow or Condone Others or Those That Do” is just beyond the pale for me whether it is done as a military officer, civilian corporate executive, businessman, political candidate, local state or Federal employee or an elected official at any level from the township to the White House. Do I know it occurs, Yes.  Do I ignore it, No. Do I condone it, No.  Am I willing to confront it, Damn Right!


Recently, Representative Pat McElraft ( R ) who represents both Carteret and Jones Counties in the NC House, stood up and in a Letter to the Editors of local area newspapers ( Ignored by the New Bern Sun ) set the record straight in a gutsy political move.  You see Representative McElraft, did what darn few elected officials seem willing to do today, she did the right thing without regard for her own political public service future or personal gain, SHE TOLD THE TRUTH! That was refreshing and that is what we all clamor for in our elected officials. Party loyalty or silence is great, but not at the expense of ones personal principles or the possible election of an unfit candidate. The same applies to elected public servants who sit on the sideline based on some idea/myth that because it is a primary election you should; sit back and not say anything even when you know what is being said is a lie or distortion . This is one of the problems in our modern American politics, elected officials/leaders who fail to stand on Principle and Truth and their seeming loss of a political moral compass once elected and /or their fear of loss of personal political legacy. The political lie moves quickly in the multiple modern systems of communication and is hard to refute.


So, will our Eastern North Carolina leadership, as elected officials/ public servants / party officials, continue to sit on the political sidelines in this critical 2012 NC. Primary Election or will they stand up and help set the public voting electorate straight?  Will they be “Honor Bound and Fearless”?


Austin M “Gus” Wilgus, Lt.Col. Army Retired, Republican Precinct Chairman Emerald Isle NC

Emerald Isle NC

Letter to the Editor: Ramsey Looks Out for Number One

In his letter to the editor (Sunday, April 22), Rick Poillon defends Randy Ramsey’s substantial donations to Democrat candidates and the NC Democrat party.  Mr Poillon says that as a business owner,  Mr. Ramsey’  way of looking out for his own business interests, a way for him to grease the skids to gain favorable treatment for his business.  Mr. Ramsey himself made similar comments at a recent GOP meeting in which he said that he is a business man, and that in an effort to develop a “conduit” between his business and the people in Raleigh, and to gain “inroads” in Raleigh for his business, he had contributed heavily to Democrat candidates, but that he had “been disappointed in them” (although he continued to contribute to their campaigns).  Mr. Poillon defends Mr. Ramsey’s actions as “just the way politics work”. But I beg to differ.  Norman Sanderson and his wife Linda have been small business owners for more than 20 years.  But there is no record of them making huge political contributions to candidates and a political party that they simply don’t agree with in an effort to curry favor from Raleigh.  So, is it “politics as usual”, or is Randy Ramsey just “looking out for number one”?  And as your Senator, will he look out for the interests of all of eastern North Carolina, or will he still “look out for number one”?  You decide.


Jennifer Hudson

Letter to the Editor re. Randy Ramsey's Latest Misinformation


If anyone had any doubt about Randy Ramsey’s true political leanings this week had to be the clincher. We have see more of the endless stream of slick glossy mailers and now radio attack ads targeting Norm Sanderson. The strange thing is that these attacks only go to show that Randy Ramsey is exactly what a number of us have been saying for weeks that he is really a liberal just like the folks he has been supporting and he has actually impugned every Republican in both the NC House and Senate for their stand against Obama-care.


The “misinformation” mailers say that Norm Sanderson voted to implement Obama-care. Anyone who follows North Carolina state politics knows this is pure BULL as Norm Sanderson co sponsored the Health Care Freedom Act which would have outlawed Obama-care in North Carolina.Unfortunately, Ramsey’s best political friend Governor Beverly Purdue VETOED it!


So, knowing that Sanderson was a leader in the fight against Obama-care what are these mailers referencing? Ramsey, cites House Bill 115 and perhaps he should have read it before letting his hot shot, out of state political handlers start a firestorm  of lies. I have looked up the Bill on line and here are some facts you can look up also if you and your reporting staff or readers wish to.



First this bill is a safety net for North Carolina in case the Federal Government forces Obama-care on us. We would have a plan in place to protect ourselves if the Supreme Court does not declare the whole thing null and void and if it does so, then House Bill (115) becomes null and void. This Bill was co-sponsored by Carteret’s NC Representative Pat McElraft and further it was supported by every Republican in the NC House, plus 18 Democrats. Only the most liberal Democrats voted against it so that tells you where Ramsey stands. It proves to me and others that Ramsey will do and say anything to get himself elected. He is more than willing to distort the Truth for his personal political gain which means to me he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing  or RINO (Republican In Name Only) and probably thinks and hopes the electorate and average voters are to stupid to check things out.


I know there are people that will still support Ramsey no matter what he does or says. Some see him as a local who “is from around here” and that seems to trump the pile of evidence that grows as high as his mountain of mailers. It still amazes me when people who claim to be conservative Republicans can’t see that Randy Ramsey has all the trademark characteristics of a liberal Democrat used to buying influence, power, and position by hook or by crook. I am also amazed still that the only media in North Carolina really on this story is the Carolina Journal


Austin M. “Gus”  Wilgus

A Letter from Representative Pat McElraft


To the Editor:

As a State Representative, I am fully aware that politics is not for the faint of heart.  Any elected official understands that they will be judged on their voting record and I stand on my record over the years.  But when people distort that record, you must defend yourself and those who stand with you.

Upon hearing of my legislative colleague Norman Sanderson’s intention of running for State Senate, I promptly endorsed his candidacy.  I have personally witnessed his conservative values and work ethic in the State House and have no doubt he will be a strong conservative voice for Carteret, Craven and Pamlico counties.  After lending my initial endorsement, I made no other public comment. I thought that was the right thing to do as a Republican to let the candidates fight this out.  However, I can no longer remain silent since I, personally,and 67 other Republican Legislators have been brought into this with the latest Randy Ramsey Ad and flyer.

State Senate candidate Randy Ramsey recently aired a radio ad and sent out a mailer that accused Representative Sanderson of voting to implement ObamaCare.  I was the co-sponsor of the bill that was referenced (HB115) and it was supported by every Republican member of the House as well as 18 conservative Democrats.  Only the most liberal Democrats voted against this largely procedural bill that saved North Carolina taxpayers countless dollars.  In fact, the full title of the legislation was An Act to Preserve State-Based Authority to Regulate the North Carolina Health Insurance Market and Prevent Federal Encroachment on State Authority by Establishing the North Carolina Benefit Exchange.  As the name implies, it was designed to limit the power of ObamaCare.  Randy Ramsey’s blatant misrepresentation of this bill was not only an attack on Norman Sanderson but on every Republican who voted for this piece of common-sense legislation.

The very first piece of business for the Republican led legislature in 2011 was passing House Bill #2, entitled Protect Health Care Freedom.  I was proud to co-sponsor that bill with Representative Sanderson, knowing that it protected North Carolina’s citizens from ObamaCare and the overreaching authority of the Federal Government into your health care decisions.  That important piece of legislation would be law today if had not been vetoed by Governor Bev Perdue.

For anyone to say that Norman Sanderson, myself or any Republican legislator supports ObamaCare is outrageous and a blatant misrepresentation of the facts.  Randy Ramsey has either chosen to resort to distortion in a desperate attempt to gain votes or he has not researched the information his campaign team is releasing.  Either way, the practice is unacceptable and should immediately cease.

Pat McElraft
Emerald Isle, NC
District 13 State Representative

Letter to the Editor: NC Marriage Protection Amendment

A March 26th letter in Friday’s Carteret News-Times from Dr. Anne S. York made several untrue assertions about North Carolina’s Marriage Protection Amendment, which will appear on the May 8th ballot.  Dr. York claims that the MPA will adversely affect NC’s economic future; label NC as an intolerant state; increase mental health disorders and medical costs; and waste state resources on domestic violence cases.  None of this is true.  Nor, as she also maintains, is the amendment ambiguous.  The MPA is very brief, simple and straightforward: “Marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.  This section does not prohibit a private party from entering into contracts with another private party; nor does this section prohibit courts from adjudicating the rights or private parties pursuant to such contracts.”
Except for strengthening the existing law (NC General Statute 51-1.2), nothing really changes .  Same-sex couples may still cohabitate; private businesses may still provide benefits to such couples if they so wish.  Passage of the MPA — misnamed “Amendment One” by those opposed to it — will bolster the current definition of legal marriage as “one man and one woman,” ensuring that North Carolina’s children will mature in stable, balanced relationships, in families with both a father and a mother.  As an amendment to the state constitution, the MPA will make it impossible for an activist judge to declare same-sex marriage unconstitutional.  The current GS 51-1.2 is already under attack from a lesbian couple who have filed suit after being denied a marriage license.
Do not be misled by the myths from the ultra-liberal opposition.  Do not allow the further erosion of the morals of our state.
On May 8th, vote for the Marriage Protection Amendment.  To learn the truth about the MPA, visit  To learn the truth, read your Bible.
Jere Geurin
Morehead City, NC

Letter to Editor – Update on Ramsey & County Republicans

I had hoped to respond to Ken Lang’s recent letter concerning Randall Ramsey’ obvious absence from all things Republican by providing an account of Mr. Ramsey’s attendance at the Crystal Coast Republican Women’s Club general meeting on Friday.  Mr. Ramsey and a number of other local candidates asked for time to address that group, but he did not make an appearance, although he did make a call to excuse himself.    I personally would like to hear Mr. Ramsey’s explanation of his true association with the Republican party.  But that doesn’t appear likely to happen.  Voters, if Mr. Ramsey won’t take on the tough issues right here at home, how can we expect him to function in Raleigh as our representative?
Jennifer Hudson
547 Broad Creek Loop Road
Newport, NC 28570
Stay informed – – – Stay involved

Who Didn't Show Up for the Party

Letter to the Editor

Who didn’t show up for the Party?

The Carteret County Republican Convention was Saturday, March 10, 2012 at the Leon Mann Center in Morehead City, NC. It was as inspiring as it was informative. The Who’s Who in the county GOP were in attendance; well, almost everyone. A record breaking 96 delegates and guest attended this year, including NC Senator Jean Preston, and Representatives Pat McElraft and Norm Sanderson. Every Republican candidate in the County’s state, and local elections were present to tell the convention delegates their vision and plans for the state or county if they are elected, all EXCEPT one. Frank Palombo, who is challenging Congressman Walter B. Jones in the third District House race, was at the convention. Representative Norm Sanderson, and Mayor Ken Jones, candidates for the NC Senate race to replace retiring Senator Preston were there. Representative Pat McElraft, who is unopposed in the Republican primary, was there, as were Carteret County Commissioner hopefuls Harry Taylor, Elaine Crittenton, Jimmy Farrington, Larry Land, Terry Frank, and Craig Weber. Two District Judge candidates were also at the convention, Clinton Rowe and Dave McFadyen; and Debra Goldman, candidate for State Auditor was there. Only one Republican candidate from Carteret County didn’t show up to the Republican Party convention to address the delegates. It was the one who has donated nearly 15 times more money to the NC Democrat Party and Democrat candidates than he has to Republicans because in his words “they [the Democrats] best represent the voters in Carteret County.” Randy Ramsey didn’t come to the Party to face the Republican delegates to explain why over the last 15 years he has donated so much money to the Democrat Party, or why he hasn’t been seen at any Republican functions or fundraisers. Mr. Ramsey didn’t come to the Party to explain to the Republican delegates why much of the money he has raised thus far in his bid for the District 2 Senate seat has come from Democrat donors. Mr. Ramsey didn’t even come to the Party to tell the Republican delegates how he “will best represent the voters of Carteret County.” Mr. Ramsey didn’t show up for the Party to campaign or glad-hand the delegates. I guess you could say, Mr. Ramsey was a Carteret County Republican Party pooper.

Ken Lang
Stella, NC

Letter to Editor – 99 Percent Spring

Just when things have quieted down in the Occupy Movement, mostly due to winter’s cold rain and snow as well as and irritated Public officials, whispers are becoming voices for our Spring to come. Various online media sources are now reporting that the Occupy Wall-Street Movement known also as Occupy, has morphed in to The 99 Percent Spring. Just as our Red Bud trees are blossoming in North Carolina the ‘Red’s” of the Far Left are coming out like daffodils and reports are that there will be nationwide training sessions April 9th-15th for a new batch (100,00 +) of blooming idiots. The training of these pesky weeds of discontent, will be fertilized by MoveOn.Org’s new green Soros dollars, spread by the UAW, SEIU and other unions and watered by numerous left leaning groups and individuals to include Socialists and Communists. These folks have every intention of disrupting  America. They will, in the guise of Democracy, attempt to move our center-right country more to the left by their outrageous behavior and demands, hoping that we’ll give ground to them in compromise.  Check it out, Google up; 99 Percent Spring and see what is coming to North Carolina long before the Democrats hit Charlotte. Say where did that ACORN get buried? Will Eastern North Carolina’s cities, towns and campus’s be targeted? Stay tuned!
Austin M. Wilgus

Letter to Editor – We're Just Frogs Dropped into Pot of Warm Water

Wow, what a week! Here we sit in warming gasoline while prices at the pump spiral up and up towards $4.00 and further. We are just like the proverbial “Frog In Warming Water”. But who’s worrying? The prices will all come down folks keep saying, but when? The answers are to be found in Raleigh and Washington. Could Bev Purdue call for  a special session of the Legislature and redo the NC Fuel Tax? Could Obama call off his regulator Czars and open the way for the building of new refineries and sign the Keystone Pipeline Bill immediately to let Canada’s sand oil flow south? Sure, both of them could take those actions, but they won’t. They don’t care about regular folks daily use of cars for work and the American Dream of “Cruising” on a Sunday afternoon, the oldtime “Sunday Drive”. Ah, the “Sunday Drive”, a freedom thing, ironically that is the cover of the latest OUR STATE magazine. The Sunday Drive has sort of gone the way of the horse and buggy. How about  high school kids going to the Local Drive In or Berger Joint and hanging out on a Friday or Saturday night? Is that a soon to be forgotten thing of the past? Sadly, it seems so. You see, we will all sit here like frogs and let it happen, we are so used to letting Joe or Jane do it, the Tea Party do it or worse yet Letting The Government Do it! We, you and me, our neighbors and friends are for the most part too damned lazy, sitting in our comfort zones, to get involved by writing letters, e-mailing or even phoning our elected officials. some of us don’t even bother to vote! We sit idly by waiting for a miracle from St. Bev or the Messiah Obama. We don’t even vet or check our local Candidates for Office like RINO Republican Candidate for NC Senate, Randy Ramsey, who in his own words tell you he is not a real Republican. He openly admits that he gave Big Dollars to Purdue, Basknight, Easley  and Company and did we get better government as “Rino Randy”, expected? NO! We have the highest taxed fuel in the Southeast and about 3rd highest Lower Forty Eight and our roads are worsening. So, if you want to change things like the price of gasoline, roads or the economy, you must personally get involved. Start by going to political meetings, find out about the inside scoop on local and state candidates before you vote. Ask yourself, How’s That Hope and Change really working out that Obama and every Democrat ran in 2008? Now once again RINO (Republican In Name Only) Republicans or Pay to Play Republicans along with Democrats are trying quietly move a similar agenda as in 2008 ahead. The potential vehicle of change now may well be the American Automobile User/Owner/Voter that needs a quick “right turn” for a conservative voter refueling. Remember voting for a RINO (Republican In Name Only) will usually mean that a Democrat Policy or Position will be put in place or nudged ahead somewhere.
Austin “Gus”  Wilgus
Emerald Isle, NC 28594



Did you know hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing our borders without being health screened have brought us thousands of new cases of leprosy in the past years since we  opened the southern border back door? (Dumb Question).  Additionally, they brought 10s of thousands of cases of incurable (multiple drug resistant) tuberculosis, hundreds of thousands of cases of high resistant hepatitis (ask me about it), blood parasites (ask me about it), head lice (not yet) no hair and many other diseases.
Chagas Disease (Chagas (SHA-gus) disease is an inflammatory, infectious disease caused by a parasite found in the feces of the triatomine bug. Chagas disease is common in South America, Central America and Mexico, the primary home of the triatomine bug. Rare cases of Chagas disease have been found in the southern United States as well, but it is coming close to high levels now and can be passed from person to person.
Exotic Newcastle Disease (ND) is another newcomer. A catastrophic outbreak of exotic ND led to contact between chickens that were packed in crates and brought across the unguarded section of the border from Mexico.  The chickens were raised in a farming district in California.  Poor security at a chicken farm led to contact with the infected chickens and the commercial poultry business. The disease spread rapidly from 1971 through 1973 within the California poultry farms. The disease was eradicated after eight Southern California counties were quarantined and millions of chickens destroyed (Colonel Sanders rolled over in his grave after seeing all those chicken wings going to waste).
The cost to the tax-payers was $56,000,000.00 (chicken feed to the US Congress) (Pun intended) in 1973 dollars. But it was not the illegal chicken immigrants that caused the problem, it was the “poor security failing” as our liberal friends would say.  They (liberals) shed blame like water off of a duck’s back (I wanted to keep this section in the fowl mind set).
Don’t take this letter to mean that our country shouldn’t have an “open arms policy” towards immigrants, but it should be the legal way. But we cannot continue to let our Leaders (I use that term very loosely) keep this flood of people that will shortly cost us trillions of dollars (“trillion” a very small amount of money in a politician’s mind) to pay their health costs and schooling, taking away jobs from the America poor.  The liberal answer to that is “Don’t worry, we always have “Obama’s stash” to fall back on.”  But remember, that “stash” is our tax dollars, which was your “stash” for old age enjoyment, if there is such a thing. I’ll be 70 in May and don’t feel a day over a 105 (I do get some of Obama’s “stash”) but I’m still out there working, paying into Obama’s “stash” also.
Remember, thousands of children that have never been vaccinated or even seen a doctor in their lifetime are now mingling with our children in all of the school systems in the country. I’d like to see their health/shot records that a school is supposed to get (or at least they used to) before they  start school, but in the liberal’s mind, that would be called the “BAD old days – it’s not progressive”.
I served my country for 28.5 years and got blood parasites and hepatitis from serving as a liaison on a Vietnamese patrol boat on the Mekong Delta.  I had the best health care, yearly shots and check-ups and I still came home with a host of diseases (but no new holes) that still give me problems (the diseases, not the lack of holes) sometimes.
Don’t worry, I’m not Typhoid Mary, I am not contagious, I may be a bubble out of plumb, but I don’t want my country to go down the drain now.  I do worry about what my son/daughter, grandsons and granddaughters will have if this keeps on going as is.
I did have to go to Long Bien Hospital to be treated.  That’s where there were a lot of guys that didn’t have the lack of holes, some had way too many.  Somewhere along the line I got separated from my uniforms; all I had was one pair of “Tiger Greens”, those that were there know what they look like.
I was told to report to Saigon.  After I got there they offered me a choice to go back to a Vietnamese boat or go back to the USA……I’ll give you 25,000 chances to get the right answer.  So off to San Francisco I went with orders to report to Alameda CG Base. After I got to the San Fran airport I called the base and told them I had enough money to fly back to the East Coast and report in there, where my family and next duty station were.  They gave me the nod with verbal orders to go.  Of course I had to borrow some money from another Coastie going to the East Coast (I’m still in tiger greens with a wallet with a service ID and a load of Dongs and “MPCs…Dongs/MPCs???? Ask a Viet vet.). I had my wife meet me at Philadelphia airport where I paid off the guy for my plane ticket.  Boy, I did get the weird eyeball and a wide berth in a number of places. I don’t know if it was the way I looked, or was it smelled? My uniforms even arrived home before me.
A lot of people said that some people would spit on servicemen coming in from Vietnam and I was asked if that had happened to me.  The only answer for that was “I’m not in prison for murder, am I?”
It is time for “YOU” to wake up, open your eyes, get involved, pull your noses out of the roses (always like to throw in a rhyme when I can) and take back our country from that POOL OF FOOLS in Washington, D.C. (and I like to end with a rhyme).
PS: I had the displeasure of serving a three-year tour in that POOL (everyone I know said I had a mental problem afterwards)…..visit, but don’t live there. It has to do with all of the self- adoration and the thought pattern that “anyone outside of the beltway is an idiot” that is in the air.
Every person, before they can be elected to Congress, should have to serve a year in a dirty/filthy combat zone.

CWO Roma D. Wade
USCG Retired

Letter to the Editor – RINOs Need Not Apply

RINOs Need Not Apply

Representative Norm Sanderson and Mayor of Pine Knoll Shores, Ken Jones, filed to run for Senator Jean Preston’s seat on February 13th. For weeks it had been rumored that Randy Ramsey, owner of Jarrett Bay Boat Works would also declare his candidacy for Senator Preston’s seat.  Mr. Ramsey’s did not show up at the Board of Elections with the other candidates as his filing was being protested by some people concerned about his political connections. Mr. Ramsey delayed filing until the protestors left. So why did Mr. Ramsey avoid confronting the protestors? What is Mr. Ramsey hiding?

Both Representative Sanderson and Mayor Ken Jones are solid conservatives each who have public records to validate them as conservative Republicans. Voters have been able to judge both of these men based on their actions while serving in elective office.

Mr. Ramsey is a registered Republican, but his political views are largely unknown to voters. He does not have a public record that voters can judge what he may do as an elected official. Some might say that is a good thing. But wait, you might want to dig deeper, because what Mr. Ramsey has done “in the smoked-filled room behind closed doors” could be very telling. When you look at Mr. Ramsey’s political contribution and political associations for the last 15 years it gives a clear picture of his politics.  If you go to this web site (a site that tracks money in state politics) you will learn that since 1997, Randall Ramsey has given $36,950 to Democratic candidates in NC including, Mike Easley, Bev Perdue, Marc Basnight and the NC Democratic Party.  But wait, there’s more… during that same period he gave only $2,750 to Republicans. Mr. Ramsey did not give a dime, not one red cent to Senator Preston, or Representative McElraft during the same period.

But wait, there’s more… Mr. Ramsey has been quoted in the press as saying “I’ve tried to support the candidate I’ve felt would best serve the people of our community.” He also said “I have supported the other party in the past, but it was because I thought they (the candidates) understood the issues in Carteret County and would support us the best.” Mr. Ramsey by his own declaration thought that Democrats including Mike Easley, Bev Perdue, Marc Basnight, and the Democrat Party would represent Carteret County better than Senator Jean Preston, or Representative Pat McElraft. The people of Carteret County certainly disagree with Mr. Ramsey because they elected Senator Preston and Representative McElraft over and over.

But wait, there’s more… in addition to the large donations to the NC Democrats, Randy Ramsey, the owner of Jarrett Bay Boat Works, was reported by NC Civitas to have used his corporate airplane to provide “unreported flights” for Governor Bev Perdue (also called Bev’s “Travelgate”) (Reference-
These actions follow a pattern dating back to the Easley administration of political donors providing free air travel and political contributions in return for political favors or political appointments.  In Ramsey’s case, “pay to play” political favor was appointment to the NC State University Board of Trustees.

But wait, there’s more… Mr. Ramsey recently boasted in his own Press Release dated February 10, 2012 (  that he had amassed $132,827 four days before filing to run. Mr. Ramsey, who donated all that money to you? Are you willing to disclose your donors before the campaign reports come out just before the primary election? How many of these donors are political players like you who will be expecting political favors if you are elected? What is the quid pro quo? Do you expect you can simply spend a lot of money to create a smokescreen that the citizens of Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico Counties can’t see through? Do you really?

Randy Ramsey has been a major player in liberal Democrat “pay to play” politics and is not representative of the conservatives values in NC District 2. Anyone who expects the liberal Democrat machine of Mike Easley and Bev Perdue to “understand the issues important to the citizens of Carteret County” better than those representatives elected by the citizens of Carteret County to serve them does not themselves understand what is best for Carteret County citizens. Mr. Ramsey has supported Democrats because that defines his values.

We do not need or want a Democrat pretending to be a Republican to run for the Senate seat currently occupied by a fine Senator such as Jean Preston. This is no way to honor Senator Preston’s service to District 2 by electing a RINO Democrat hack to her seat.

Kenneth Lang

Letter to the Editor – Vet Candidates to Discover RINOs

No one in the Media would vet Obama’s connections to the Far Left when he ran for President and now we in Carteret County and in particular those represented in Senate District 2 (Carteret, Craven and Pamlico Counties) need a candidate vetted. You see a lot of us in Carteret County know Ken Jones, Pine Knoll Shores, two term Mayor and a great many of us know NC Representative Norman Sanderson from Pamlico, a solid conservative Republican Legislator from Pamlico and Craven Counties, who trounced Alice Graham Underhill in 2010. You see both of these men ( Sanderson & Jones ) have been active doers in Carteret, Craven and Pamlico County Republican events and activities as well as the 3rd Congressional District. They have a record! ? But who is Randy Ramsey? What is his record? The one thing I’ve been able to find out through the website; WWW.FOLLOWTHEMONEY.ORG  is that Randy Ramsey has been a BIG contributor to the DEMOCRAT PARTY and to Democrat elites like Beverly Purdue ($2,000 as late as July 11.) Mark Basnight, Scott Thomas, and Mike Easley. If the public records are right, Ramsey has spread big. big dollars to the Democrats (About $37,000) and a mere pittance to his(?) Republican Party candidates. He’s not given a dime to our two local Carteret County ladies Senator Jean Preston (who he seeks to replace) or Representative Pat McElraft who both have diligently served our local interests in Raleigh. So, other than owning Jarrett Bay Boat Works and allowing his company plane to ferry Gov. Beverly Purdue around in the Fly-gate or Travel-gate Scandal, who is this guy! Where has he been hiding when local Republicans are working?  I think I smell a RINO ( Republican In Name Only) in our back yard, soon to be fed big green dollars by the Democrats and Pay to Play Republicans in order to retake control of the now Conservative Republican Senate District 2 Seat. We all know that the Democrats want control of North Carolina’s Legislature  and the Governor’s Office. Retaking control the Legislature is their #1  goal. So why not a Stealth, Manchurian or RINO candidate running in Senate District 2 or else where to ease the task. The real facts are out there hidden in the shadows and every Eastern North Carolina news media outlet needs to shine the light on the facts.

Letter to the Editor re. Gov. Perdue's Call to Suspend Elections

Several weeks ago, just before I left town on a vacation, I was the subject of a scathing personal attack by Ms. Sally Haines of Pelitier, in the Opinion Section of the Tideland News. After considerable thought, I decided to respond to Ms. Haines obvious use of the Marxist/Fascist tactic of; Attack the Messenger, Not The Message.  The vicious pit-bull  response to my earlier opinion letter by Ms. Haines is typical of what is often used when no objective intellectual argument is available to the responder. My questioning of the the thinking/motives of our Democrat Governor on the Electoral Process was minor when compared to that of many political commentators asking a similar question in both radio, television and newspapers in our area, our state and nationally, about the same incident. My final decision to respond was based on a reminder from a friend that; if I did not respond to such a personal attack, I would be no less guilty than some of the spineless politically correct politicians in Raleigh and Washington of whom I am often critical. I hope Ms. Haines soon recovers from what ever ails her and does not suffer too much mental pain in the coming election year as Obama and Perdue’s march towards more big government Socialism is halted and relegated to the ash heap of history.
Austin M. “Gus” Wilgus

Letter to the Editor re. Thank You Commissioners

To the Editor:

I want to thank each County Commissioner for conducting an exceptionally informative meeting with the Board of Education on Monday evening, October 16, 2011. What the Board of Commissioners did for the citizens of Carteret County on Monday is what the Board of Education should  be doing for the taxpayers of Carteret County, but unfortunately are not. In my view, the Board of Education should be as well versed in the details of the school  budget as the Superintendent, however,  it was apparent on Monday that some on the BOE do not understand their own budget, and more importantly how to effectively oversee the expenditure of that money. Some of the BOE seemed to struggle throughout the meeting to remember what version of the school  budget was provided to the Board of Commissioners and when. Near the end of the meeting the BOE Chairman claimed to have provided revised budget information to the Board of Commissioners that clearly had not been seen by any of the Commissioners. The Chairman of the BOE then launched into a rather unprofessional tirade on transparency (that currently is non-existent)  bringing the meeting to an end.

I want to be clear, I am not opposed to adequate funding of the Carteret County Schools. I do however want to know that our taxpayer money is being well spent and well managed by the Board of Education. I did not get the feeling Monday night that either the School Board or the Superintendent are fulfilling these expectations. Thankfully, the Board of Commissioners is there to do the job that the Board of Education should be doing for the taxpayers who elected them for that very purpose.

Kenneth Lang

Letter to the Editor re. School Funding

BREAKING NEWS! School System to Seek Funds!!  This is the headline of an article in your October 16 issue of the News-Times and is no big surprise.  Apparently, the $19 million approved by the County Board of Commissioners was just not enough. Nineteen MILLION dollars! Nineteen million one dollar bills laid end to end would stretch 1841 miles; the distance from Morehead City to Boulder, Colorado!!  It is just unbelievable how deep the “sucking black hole” of education is in this state.


Kudos to the county commissioners for requiring the school system to provide quarterly reports before turning over the rest of the “booty.”  Old Blackbeard would be proud of the techniques used by our modern day pirates to fill their coffers. I hope the reports are required to include detailed itemized expenditures.


Why am I not surprised to see that headline? It could be because it seems to me the primary purpose of the education department in this state, from Raleigh to the county level, is to see just how much “booty” can be taken from public funds.  These folks want to squeeze us dry. Once they get the $500,000, I say they will be back before the end of the school year whining for another couple of million. I mean, what is a million here or a million there when it comes to “educating” our children?


I really believe the NC Department of Public Instruction could receive B. Hussein Obama’s entire initial stimulus, and would still cry for another $500,000.  Their thirst for public funds is unquenchable.

I don’t believe the school boards publicize all the sources of their “booty.”  There are several sources other than our tax money.  And I am probably asking for a lot of criticism by not revealing the referenced sources. But, if anyone is interested in knowing of those sources, do a little research.  The Demowhacks and other progressive liberal leftists would not accept my sources anyway, so I suggest they check it out on their own. They might be surprised, I know I was.


Just one person’s opinion.


Harry Thompson

Hate Crime or Not

by Eric Broyles

After the firing of 31 shots at Representative Gabrielle Gifford and others, one would think we would be more mindful of what we say and the words we chose considering the polarized environment we live in, especially for those in a leadership role.  Even though there was no association or linkage between the gunman and the Tea Party, the Tea Party was blamed by many for the cause of the incident.

Apparently, Vice President Joseph Biden, Representative Maxine Waters, and The Carteret County Democratic Party Chairman Kenneth Humphreys have trouble controlling their derogatory comments and hate rhetoric.  Now we have a Vice President of the United States and The Carteret County Democratic Party Chairman naming and labeling all Tea Party members as “TERRORIST”.  Maxine Waters, a Representative of the people, recently condemn her Tea Party constituency to “HELL”.  In addition, Ken Humphreys also refers to Tea Party members as “THUGS” in the letter he sent to the editor called “Negotiating with thugs”, which was published in the Carteret News Times on August 7, 2011.   These individual’s reckless and dangerous verbal diatribe may have caused grievous injury to Tea Party members locally and nationally by putting them in physical harm’s way.

When you reference an individual or a group as “Terrorists”, you are reclassifying their legal legitimacy and status to that of Osama Bin Laden or Al Queda, especially if you are a high ranking government official like the Vice President of the United States.  This type of false labeling and branding willfully incites and targets acts of aggression and public disobedience against those so labeled.  Countries like Germany, Russia, China, Rwanda, and many more used similar dialogue and tactics to first incite and turn their populace against those of certain political and religious beliefs before marshalling in their programs of imprisonment and extermination.  These kinds of politically motivated doctrine(s) and program(s) of hatred and bias over time have resulted in the imprisonment and genocide of millions of innocent civilians.

Could the Tea Party or its members be the next sacrificial lambs because they exercised their 1st Amendment rights by speaking out against their government’s spending habits and governance?  Should we be concerned as citizens that a senior leader of our country has painted a bull’s eye on the back of every Tea Party member for their political beliefs?   Yes we should!  Politically based and inciting statements (e.g. – Terrorist, Racist, Thugs, and etc.) against innocent citizens and civilians, whose only intent is to spin more hatred and discord among the citizenry, have absolutely no place in society.  Today the Tea Party members, tomorrow it could be you!

Has a “Hate Crime” been committed as a result of the verbal actions of The Vice President, Representative  Maxine Waters, or Carteret County Democratic Party Chairman Ken Humphreys?  Several websites (e.g. – Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, Freebase, and etc.) state, a “Hate Crime (also known as a bias-motivated crime) occur when a perpetrator targets a victim because of his or her perceived membership in a certain social group, racial group, religion, sexual orientation, disability, class, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, social status, or political affiliation”.  Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act, recently passed under the Obama administration in October 22, 2009 , states “A prominent characteristic of a violent crime motivated by bias is that it devastates not just the actual victim and the family and friends of the victim, but frequently savages the community sharing the traits that caused the victim to be selected”.  Additionally, Title 18 section 16 under the United States Code defines a violent crime as “(a) an offense that has as an element the use, attempted use, or threatened use of physical force against the person or property of another, or (b) any other offense that is a felony and that, by its nature, involves a substantial risk that physical force against the person or property of another may be used in the course of committing the offense”.  Five states, including Oregon, now designate political affiliation violence as a “hate crime”.  Considering the number of recorded deaths in history as a result of political or religious persecution, I would consider politically oriented hate crimes as the #1 crime of all mankind.  Like most “Hate Crime” programs of persecution, it usually starts with hate rhetoric, labeling, and targeting of certain individuals or group(s) (e.g. – The Tea Party) before it advances to its next level of physical violence.  Hate crime or not?

It is time to tone down the irresponsible rhetoric that causes and escalate future “Hate Crimes” against certain segments of the population and innocent law abiding citizens.  Those labeling the Tea Party and its followers as “Terrorist and Thugs”  need to open the King James Version of the bible to Exodus 20:16 and read the scripture “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” and abide by God’s Commandment.  Furthermore, someone in the Democratic Party ought to tell Representative Maxine Waters that the Constitution does not give her the legislative authority or power to send a group of her constituency or citizens to “HELL”, only God has that right!   Even when differences exist among us, it is better to break bread and not war!

I have often asked myself over the past several days what Congresswomen Gabrielle Gifford would say and do considering the heartbreak and suffering she and others have had to suffer as a result of the hate crime committed against them one Saturday morning in January 2011?  I think she would tell us that society should stand up against this type of dialogue, whose only intent is to defame and incite the future commission of possible violence and “Hate Crimes” against a person or group for their political beliefs.  I do not believe any individual has the right to encourage or incite possible future acts of mob violence, individual violence and aggression, or hostility against innocent and law abiding Tea Party groups or its members for their beliefs in promoting fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free trade of American products.  Open civilized debate is one thing, but allowing and promoting hate mongering, branding, and labeling to continue has no place in a democratic society.

In the words of former Vice President Al Gore: “We must send a clear and strong message to all who would commit crimes of hate: it is wrong, it is illegal, and we will catch you and punish you to the full force of our laws.” In view of this, maybe it is time for both the North Carolina and United States Attorney General’s Offices to look into the inflammatory public remarks of individuals that are labeling and targeting Tea Party Groups and its members as “TERRORIST” and “Thugs”, to see if it constitutes a “Hate Crime”.

Byway talk ongoing; DOT gets fed grant


Published: Friday, August 19, 2011 3:05 PM EDT


BEAUFORT — County commissioners learned on Monday that the only regulation related to a stretch of road heading Down East considered part of a state and federal scenic byway is the prohibition of new outdoor advertising.

And in related news, the Federal Highway Administration on Wednesday awarded the N.C. Department of Transportation a $201,120 grant to help mark the way of the route, called the Outer Banks Scenic Byway.

The grant is to improve the “byway traveler experience” along the route and the money will help fund the design, fabrication and installation of byway route signs and signs to byway attractions. These signs do not fall under the prohibition of outdoor advertising.

On Monday, the County Board of Commissioners was still trying to determine just how the area is impacted by the designation during its regular meeting, held in the boardroom of the county administration building. The board met with Jeff Lackey, the N.C. DOT’s scenic byways coordinator, as well as some other department officials. No vote was taken following the discussion.

Parts of highways 70 and 12 winding through the Down East communities are included in the Outer Banks Scenic Byway. The byway is one of 150 in the nation to reach this status.

But commissioners, who approved a resolution in 2008 nominating the roadway for scenic byway status, have been concerned about the impact associated regulations would have on the property owners adjacent to the road since earlier this year.

In May, East Carteret High School was told by the NCDOT it had 30 days to take down advertising signs it had placed on a fence facing Highway 70. One of the reasons the department gave is that the signs were out of compliance with laws related to the scenic byway designation.

But the NCDOT officials at the commissioners’ meeting Monday said those regulations were one of several that restricted the school from putting up signs in that area.

Mr. Lackey began the presentation by showing a brief movie describing scenic byways before commissioners cut to the chase. “I think some of the concerns that we have are namely about the regulatory affects of scenic byways,” said Doug Harris, the chairman of the board.

Mr. Lackey said the only real impact is the prohibition of new outdoor advertising signs. That does not include on-site signs, where a business places a sign on its own property.

Existing legal signage is grandfathered in when it becomes a scenic byway, Mr. Lackey said.

The signs at East Carteret were not only illegal because they broke this rule. They also didn’t comply with federal regulations regarding signs and they were also in violation of the county’s sign ordinance. “So they struck out,” said Commissioner Greg Lewis.

Commissioner Jonathan Robinson said the scenic byway designation was important for the area to help businesses in the Down East communities. “We need those jobs down on the eastern end of the county and we need to promote them,” he said.

Prior to the discussion, Lilly Miller of Straits spoke in support of the scenic byway designation. Her family operates a bait and tackle shop, and also rents out kayaks and conducts tours.

Business has been fairly successful this year, “but we need more customers,” she said. “We think the scenic byway is the vehicle, if you will, to get those customers to our area.”

She added, “There are plenty more people that don’t even realize Down East exists.”

Karen Amspacher, the chairman of the county’s Outer Banks Scenic Byway Committee, said she believed the byway would be the key to keeping the Cedar Island–Ocracoke ferry route operational.

Ms. Amspacher said the federal designation was an “honor” for the county. “For it to be recognized nationally is something to applaud,” she said.

Letter the Editor, Another Billion (or two) Dollar Coins

I received an email from a TEA Party friend today that pointed me to an ABC News web source about another flagrant waste of taxpayer dollars.  The Washington Watch Dog segment of ABC News picked up this story from the National Public Radio news.  This in itself is hard to believe; that ABC, much less NPR, would air something negative regarding federal spending.


The story is that in 2005, Congress ordered the US Mint to make presidential dollar coins commemorating every dead US President.  The US Mint in Philadelphia is making 1.8 million coins per day at a cost of 32 cents each.  Folks, this is about $576,000 per day for these dollar coins that apparently no one wants. These coins are going into temporary storage at the Federal Reserve in Baltimore.  A warehouse full of metal shelving 8’ high storing millions of commemorative presidential coins.


The spending doesn’t stop there.  They must have a vault large enough for all these millions of unwanted coins.  So what are they doing about it?  They will spend another $650,000 to build a vault in which to keep the unnecessary and costly waste.  Of course the vault will not be built close to the point of production. No way, that would make way too much sense and cost less.  So, they plan to build the vault in Dallas; Texas that is.  Now they have shipping costs to consider.  Three million dollars of shipping costs to transport these millions of coins to a safe haven far, far away.


The really idiotic thing about this story is they plan to continue making these “fools gold” coins until 2016.  By that time the number of coins will be in the ballpark of 2 billion! For those progressive liberals who are arithmetically challenged, that is equivalent to $2 billion dollars, face value, just sitting in a vault.


And true to form, Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), one of the co-sponsors of the 2005 legislation who put this boondoggle before our esteemed and most frugal congress, was asked by the reporter (or what we used to call a reporter) if he (Sen. Reed) had one of these presidential coins in his pocket at the time.  What do you think his answer was?  No! Of course not.  He didn’t want to carry the junk around either!


Then, Diane Sawyer asks this most probing question, “Why isn’t this one of the first cuts made?”  Wow, who would have thought this kind of in-depth investigative reporting would surface from B Hussein Obama’s state media.  Wonders never cease.


It makes one realize there must be thousands of other foolish money wasting laws in place.  There are probably so many that no one person has the foggiest notion of the count or where they are.  Sounds like a lot of other bills were passed “so we can find out what is in it.”  Wait, I am about to go off in another direction which is another story in itself and better left for another time. There is just so much to write about.


Come quickly January 2013.


Harry Thompson