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2016 TEA Party Ballot including Conservative Judges

Here is the TEA Party Ballot for the 2016 election. The list includes the all important list of Conservative Judges.

Of particular note in the judge races is the re-election of Bob Edmunds to the NC Supreme Court and Josh Willey to the 3rd District Superior Court. Of course, all of the judicial races are important.

In Carteret County, we need your help at the Early Voting polls and on Election Day to pass out the TEA Party ballots. You can contact us via the contact page on this site to volunteer.

IMPORTANT DATES: Registration Deadline is October 14, 2016;  Early voting begins October 20 at 5 locations in Carteret County; and Election Day is November 8.

If you have any questions, contact us using the contact form on this site.


Re-Elect Conservative NC Supreme Court Associate Justice Bob Edmunds


Re-elect Conservative Associate NC Supreme Court Justice Bob Edmunds.

Justice Edmunds is up for election to retain his seat on the NC Supreme Court. He is the only conservative justice running on June 7, 2016. The other three candidates are liberal Democrats that support Roy Cooper’s liberal agenda of gay marriage and pedophile access to ladies bathrooms and girls locker rooms and showers in high school. In fact, one of the candidates, Sabre Faires filed suit against the NC Retention Bill passed by the NC Legislature and signed into law by the Governor. This law would have had NC Supreme Court Justices retained by the voters based on their record instead of running for re-election. Faires won the case, then filed along with two other liberal Democrats to run against conservative Justice Bob Edmunds. Read more here ->…/state-po…/article61148607.html

Please help get out the vote to re-elect conservative Justice Bob Edmunds and maintain a conservative majority on the NC Supreme Court, and if at all possible volunteer to work the polls during Early Voting on on Election Day.

Early Voting is from May 26 to June 3, excluding May 30, 2016. Early voting is only available at the Board of Elections in Beaufort during this period. Please volunteer for any amount of time to support Justice Bob Edmunds.

On election day, June 7th, all Carteret County precincts will be open for voting. Volunteers at these precincts are also needed.

Note: If you voted in the May 2016 Primary and you thought you voted for the 3rd District Congressional candidates, you did not! None of those votes were compiled by the Board of Elections and you will need to vote again for 3rd District Congressional candidates either during early voting or on election day.


Forces within the Carteret County Republican Party are marshaling efforts to mislead voters on the records of two incumbent County Commissioners running for re-election in contested primary races. Those supporting these incumbents are worried that the conservative challengers will impair their influence in county politics if the challengers win the primary election. Much like the elite, establishment Republicans in Washington, DC, these local Republican officials are more interested in their power than in serving the people of Carteret County. These party officials may in fact be violating the Carteret County Republican Party’s Plan of Organization by taking sides in a primary election.

These same party officials are misrepresenting the record of these two incumbents by claiming that they have held the line on county taxes, when the truth is that if the votes of these two incumbents had carried the day (ie. passed the commissioner’s vote) their votes would have resulted in significant tax increases for county residents.

Further, the two incumbents have served on committees and panels that have failed to bring meaningful new businesses to Carteret County and failed to reach agreement on a health insurance agreement between Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Carteret Health Care. These two incumbents have failed the citizens of Carteret County.

If you want our County Commissioners to hold the line on spending, and bring new jobs into Carteret County, it is imperative that you get out to vote for two conservatives running for Districts 3 and 5; vote for Bob Cavanaugh and Eddie Bo Wheatly the conservative choice for Carteret County.


The TEA NC PAC is a political action committee established to promote conservative candidates in Carteret County and NC who adhere to TEA Party principles of Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility, and Free Markets.

TEA NC PAC uses donations during Primary and General elections to print newspaper ads and palm cards to inform voters in Carteret County of candidates vetted by the TEA Party and have been determined to best meet the TEA Party principles described above. There are absolutely NO ADMINISTRATIVE costs; every cent is spent on printing ads and palm cards that are passed out at the polls for Primary and General elections. The cost of providing this service is approximately $2,000 each election year.

You can use the contact form on this page to get more information on how to contribute to the TEA NC PAC and to ask any questions about the PAC.

One-Stop (Early) Voting in Carteret County

One-Stop (Early) Voting in Carteret County starts on March 3 and ends March 12, 2016 at selected polling locations. Use this link to find locations and times, Early Voting Locations


Crystal Coast Tea Party needs your help to pass out voter recommendations at the early voting poll locations, especially in Commissioner Districts 3 and 5 polling locations.

Commissioner District 3 Voting Precincts are Morehead #2, Morehead #3, Morehead #4, Wildwood, Portion of Broad Creek, Portion of Morehead #1.

Commissioner District #4 Voting Precincts are Atlantic Beach, Indian Beach/Salter Path, Pine Knoll Shores, Emerald Isle, and Portion of Morehead #1.

While all Early Voting locations are open for all voters in Carteret County, CCTPP volunteers especially needed for these locations: Carteret County Board of Elections in Beaufort, Fort Benjamin Park in Newport, and Morehead City Parks and Rec. in Morehead City.


Use Contact Form on this site to volunteer, or just show up at one of the poll locations.

TEA Party Recommended 2016 Primary Candidates

President …………………………… Ted Cruz

U. S. Senate …………………………Greg Brannon

NC Governor ……………………….. Pat McCrory

NC Attorney General ………………..Buck Newton

NC Commissioner of Agriculture …..Steve Troxler

NC Commissioner of Insurance ………Mike Causey

NC Secretary of State  …………….A. J. Daoud

NC Superintendent of Public Instruction..Rosemary Stein

Commissioner, District 3 ……………….Bob Cavanaugh

Commissioner, District 5 ……………George E. (Eddie Bo) Wheatly

Board of Education, District 2 ……….. J. Marty Shirley

Board of Education, District 3 …………Melissa Ehlers

Board of Education, District 4 …………Travis Day

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